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Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, aka fgo_ep7[1] was a solid game adaptation, albeit with what I suspect is the usual degree of Continuity Lockout[2] for this type of show.

Overall much of what I said when I compared the opening episodes of KanColle, fgo_ep7, and Azur Lane is applicable to the whole series: fgo_ep7 is tightly focused on Mash and Ritsuka, and their character dynamics are what make the show work.

The supporting cast that are added later are solid, and special mention should be made of Caster Gilgamesh. Now, I first encountered the King of Heroes in his Archer incarnation in Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, and Fate/Stay Night.

In short, the version that I formed a fairly visceral hatred for and generally refer to as The Golden Prick. I tend to celebrate whenever he gets smacked down for good in a Fate/Stay Night path[3].

CasGil from Fate/Grand Order

Then there’s his Caster incarnation that shows up in fgo_ep7. Yes, he’s still an arrogant bastard, but he’s not a genocidal maniac of an arrogant bastard. He’s actually a responsible king and leader.

In fact CasGil[4] is a much more complex, and interesting character, especially in the later episodes when his motivations for saving the world and also how he interacts with Kingu/Enkidu. This version of Gilgamesh I like a lot. He’s one of my best Casters in the game.

Turning to the others Quetzalcoatl is much less gimmicky than I feared she would be, although Jaguar Warrior more than made up for that (but somehow made it work). I still maintain that the amount of fun Kana Ueda had voicing both Ishtar and Ereshkigal cannot have been legal.

Especially when in the scenes where Ishtar and Ereshkigal are talking to each other, and Ms Ueda pulls it off flawlessly.

Ushiwakamaru from Fate/Grand Order

Merlin was generally hilarious, Ana was adorable, and the other Servants were also well handled. Managing to animate Ushiwakamaru whilst staying within the decency bounds required of TV anime is no small feat. See image on right and yes her costume really is like that in both the game and fgo_ep7.

Meanwhile back in the Chaldeas control room, Doctor Romani and Da Vinci were also good value to watch.

The only caveat I’d possibly add to fgo_ep7 is to note a tendency to cheat on animating some of the later battle scenes with static shots, generic explosions, etc. The difference in quality between the larger scale battles later in the show, and some of the more personal battles earlier on was fairly stark I think.

Even so I always looked forward to watching fgo_ep7, and will probably watch it again at some point. This is a fun show overall if you know the background.

Here’s Phantom Joke, the OP song which I quite liked:

[1] Because I’m not typing that out more than I have to.

[2] The difference between fgo_ep7 and Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story is that because I’ve played FGO I didn’t notice the Continuity Lockout. With MagiReco I most certainly did notice. But that’s another post for another time.

[3] One reason I’m looking forward to the third Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel movie. The Golden Prick hasn’t made much of a showing in those movies yet, and I want to see another smack down.

[4] To use the popular Fan Nickname