Site Disclaimer


Except where noted all content on Pirates of the Burley Griffin is copyright John Samuel. The primary exceptions are:

  • Guest posts remain the copyright of the authors, and these will be identified with their permission;
  • Comments also remain the copyright of the authors; and
  • Re-blogs remain the copyright of the original author.
  • Images sourced from other websites will be attributed appropriately.

Other exceptions will be noted as needed.

Comments Policy

Comments are welcome here, and I will endeavour to moderate comments promptly.  I enjoy the conversation, and look forward to receiving interesting and relevant comments.

However, as noted in the Bumper Sticker Feminism post, I will moderate comments to ensure an acceptable level of decency, respect, and courtesy to all who participate here. Note that by “acceptable”, I mean acceptable to me.

I reserve the right to amend, edit, or ban comments that do not meet this standard.

I also reserve the right to amend or alter this policy as needed to ensure that Pirates of the Burley Griffin remains a safe space on the web.

Triggers and Trigger Warnings

It is sometimes unavoidable that triggering terms will be discussed either in posts or in comments.

Although it is relatively rare some of the anime titles I review have dealt directly with triggering issues such as sexual assault and/or self harm. My policy in respect of these matters is as follows:

  • I will attempt to post trigger warnings at the top of affected posts and/or hide the triggering material (e.g. by using ROT-13 on the relevant text).
  • If I forget and get called on it, I will apologise and edit the post to fix the error.
  • Comments with potentially triggering terms will be punted to moderation so that I can confirm that the terms are not being used carelessly or thoughtlessly.

Review Copies

Any publisher copies provided for review will not be retained for personal use. I will not obtain personal profit from review copies, these will either be given away and/or auctioned for charity purposes.

The disposal of review copies will be declared as a comment in the relevant review once it occurs.

Where I favourably review an item I will indicate if I intend to purchase my own copy.

Advertising Free Zone

As of 23/10/2013 I am trialing the removal of advertising from the blog. I will review this in 12 months, and may make it a permanent policy then.

Posts Migrated From LiveJournal

Posts prior to December 2011 were migrated from the original Pirates of the Burley Griffin on LiveJournal (now essentially deceased. An ex-blog as it were). The automatic migration was good, but not perfect.

As a result there are a number of older posts that will seem a bit odd or incomplete.

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