Looking Back At The Grand Tour



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This post will be an index for my Grand Tour posts, and will be updated as I curate each day’s photos. Check back every so often to see which posts have been updated. Continue reading

Tentative Plans: Japan in October/November

I wandered into the travel agent today and started plans for another trip to Japan. Current thinking is October/November to catch the autumn colours.

I’m not doing the [redacted] thing again; that was for a special trip on a scale this won’t be matching. It isn’t final that I’ll be going, this is just what I’m thinking at present. More details later as I start settling details.

Oh, and does anyone want to join me? 🙂

Weekly Photo Project 2018: Week 3 – Smooth/Rough


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As my regular readers will have realised by now (see header images) I tend towards macro scale photography: sweeping landscapes and sunsets. Yet the WPP2018 themes have been leading me towards smaller scale photography.

That’s an interesting challenge, and one that I’m enjoying so far. So here’s the one I submitted for week 3, with two considered but discarded after the cut:


The accessibility of smooth and rough

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Sakura and the Law of Diminishing Returns



Card Captor Sakura: Clear Card has started streaming on CrunchyRoll, and it hits all of the nostalgia buttons you could ask for: the show is very pretty, Kero-chan is annoying, Tomoyo-chan is still evil[1], Sakura and Syoaran are still adorable together, etc, etc.

But what it isn’t is a new story.

Once again the cards have been scattered[2] or disabled[3], Sakura’s old wand/incantations won’t work anymore and she has new ones[4] with which to recapture[5]/restore[6] the cards. Continue reading