Anime Panels at GammaCon 2017



One of the things I look forward to each year is supporting GammaCon by organizing anime panels. This year is no different, and I'm quite pleased with the panels my co-panelists and I have come up with.

First up on Saturday at 10:30 is Needs More Love in the Spaceship Room where we'll be talking about the (mostly) forgotten shows that really deserve another look. Then on Sunday at 3:30PM, also in the Spaceship Room, we'll be presenting Family As Theme: The films of Mamoru Hosoda. Jordan and Cai are great co-panelists and I'm really looking forward to presenting these panels with them.

Come along and learn about some anime that you may have missed, and why you really should be paying attention to Mamoru Hosoda as a modern director of anime. 🙂

Photo Sharing Experiment



I am currently experimenting with posting options for [REDACTED] that may reduce my tech footprint as it will make [REDACTED] easier. So, with any luck this link should lead you to a Google Photos album. Unlike the curated weekly photos posts I was doing, this is more of a brute force share everything approach, but that will work well in cases when I’m short of time. 

Let me know if it works. 🙂

Kado (2017): The Epically Wrong Answer


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Just wow.

How is it possible for an anime that started so intelligently to veer off course so much and then end so epically badly?

How is it possible to so thoroughly sabotage the core themes of the opening episodes so much? Continue reading

Kado: The Right Answer (2017): What just happened?



So you know how I was saying that Kado: The Right Answer was an intelligent, mature, take on a First Contact premise, based around negotiations?

Apparently not.

Between the end of episode 9 Nanomis-hein and episode 10 Towanosakiwa, Kado became … something else entirely. Major spoilers ahead obviously. Continue reading