AniBloggers For Fireys




There has been an #AuthorsForFireys hashtag running on twitter for sometime now. I thought I’d start something similar for anibloggers.

The rules that I’m following (feel free to change them) are simple:

  1. Pick an episode of something that you wouldn’t normally review (see after the jump for the horror that I’ve chosen to inflict on myself).
  2. Give people a week to bid on getting the review emailed to them a week before you publish it. You can run the bids on the blog post, and/or on twitter.
  3. When the winner provides evidence of their donation to a suitable Australian Bushfires Charity, watch the show, write your rant review and email it to them.
  4. A week later, publish it on your blog for all to see.
  5. Rinse and repeat if desired.

And, now, drum roll please, the… thing that I’m offering to watch a full episode of is: Continue reading

Viewing the Autumn Colours in 2018



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I headed back to Japan in November to view the Autumn colours. I really enjoyed travelling with Inside Japan last year and enjoyed doing so again this year.

This trip included meetups with online friends in Japan, and some semi-self guided touring at the end. A summary of the trip is after the jump if you’re interested in catching up, and links will be added as the photos for each post are curated.  Continue reading

Our Teachers Are Dating! Volume 1 by Pikachi Ohi (2020)


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Saki Terano is a biology teacher and has just started dating Asuka Hayama, a Health and PE teacher at the same school. They are just lovely together, and the manga is beautifully drawn by Pikachi Ohi[1].

Our Teachers Are Dating is a yuri manga with adult elements. The latter are not overly explicit, are very sensitively handled, and very sweetly romantic. Continue reading

At Least Asmodee Listens To Their Players


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Sometime back I ranted about a recent upgrade to Asmodee Games’ Ticket to Ride app, specifically a non-modal “It’s Your Turn” banner that introduced a risk of significant errors because of the way it was implemented.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only player unhappy with it and, to their credit, Asmodee Games responded fairly promptly with the following commitment to remove the banner: Continue reading

RPGs in the Covid-19 Era: Meditations on Roll20


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Roll20 Logo

Roll20 Logo

Dealing with COVID-19 has, of necessity, forced me and several other gamesmasters I know to adopt Roll20[1] as an online platform for table-top roleplaying games.

So, having done so for the last couple of months, what are my general thoughts on Roll20, and are those thoughts extendable to other platforms[2]? Continue reading