Political parties sending you Postal Vote Applications is legal. You can still mess with them.

Turning once again to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, we find s184AA (emphasis added):

184AA   Application forms for postal votes

             (1)  An application form for a postal vote may be physically attached to, or form part of, other written material issued by any person or organisation.

             (2)  For the purposes of the Copyright Act 1968, if a person other than the owner of the copyright in the application form for a postal vote reproduces the application form, the person is not taken to have infringed the copyright in the application form.

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Only Yesterday (1991 and 2016)



Only Yesterday (1991, dubbed 2016 aka Omoide Poro Poro) has long been a difficult film for me to review. There are times when I love it, times when I’ll go “meh” and stop the disc playing.

In that sense it is emblematic of Isao Takahata as a film maker. To be honest Takahata deals with a wider range of topics than Hayao Miyazaki, and with a wider range of techniques. However this can sometimes make Takahata’s work confronting (Grave of the Fireflies), pompous (Pom Poko), or just difficult to connect to (My Neighbours the Yamadas). Continue reading

Close of Rolls is 23 May 2016 – Enrol Now

Here’s the official media release from the Australian Electoral Commission with the key dates for the federal elections*. The rolls will close on 23 May 2016 so enrol now.

When the time comes to vote, remember to choose your first preference wisely.

*EDIT: “Elections” is, technically, not a typo. Writs for 158 elections will be issued, 6 of them by state governors.

Choo$e Your Fir$t Preference Wi$ely

With an election on the way[1] let’s indulge in a not-so-hypothetical situation: you are a voter in a seat that will, eventually, fall to one of the major two parties[2]. However you’re not particularly enamoured of either, but will choose one to be the lesser of two evils[3].

In the sort of seat we’re talking about here, preferential voting means that your vote will end with whichever major you put highest on the ballot paper. You get that choice regardless of who your first preference is.

It turns out that there is a very compelling reason to not give your first preference to whichever major party you deem to be the lesser evil.

To quote Tom Lehrer: I refer of course to money. Continue reading

Simple Pleasures: Flying Witch (2016) and My Hero Academia (2016)



Flying Witch and My Hero Academia started as my favourites of the season and have only swapped places.

Both shows are, in different ways, simple pleasures. Shows with a raison d’etre that they keep to in an honest way that just makes them fun to watch. Continue reading

It looks like I was wrong so enrol NOW

Sometime ago I looked at the likely election dates and dismissed the possibility of a double dissolution. Oops, my bad.

It’s increasingly looking like I was wrong, and that a double dissolution election to be held on 2 July 2016 will be formally announced on 10 May 2016. Once the writs are issued you will have 7 days to update your enrolment, but best to beat the rush and do it now:

Striking the Boundaries Part 1: A Rough and Unauthorised Guide to Federal Redistributions



As a follow-up to my earlier Shifting Boundaries post I am going to write some posts on how federal redistributions work in Australia.

My main reference for this post is, obviously, the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (CEA). By the way if you know where to look, the CEA contains some fascinating glimpses into Australian electoral history[1]. I expect to be referring to both the Australian Electoral Commission‘s website and Antony Green’s election blog a fair bit, but that shouldn’t be a surprise either.

Note: any errors are mine, although I’ve done my best to make this as accurate as I can. Continue reading

Spring 2016 Roundup


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The Spring 2016 season is not off to a particularly inspiring start. I’ve taken a look over the last week at most of the premieres on CrunchyRoll and AnimeLab, and the results are not good. Currently I have:

  • Looking Forward To: 4 (and one of those is a short)
  • Probationary Watch List: 7
  • Dropped: 8
  • Dropped and I hope Pedantic Perspective Watches: 1

There may still be more to come but this post is already long enough so up it goes. Continue reading

Nature red in tooth and claw, the Canberra edition?


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I’m not sure what was going on here but it didn’t look friendly (I did move closer and sort of broke it up but the pursuit just carried on into the air).

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