Crowdsourcing Request: Names to Know in Anime




I’m planning to present this as a panel at GammaCon, with the following description (subject to change):

The names of anime characters can sometimes carry incredible amounts of meaning, warn you about a character’s importance to the story, or provide an early insight into their powers and abilities. Join John Samuel for a survey of at least some of the names to know in anime and be better prepared for the next time you see them come around.

I’m a fair way into preparing the presentation, but I’m always open to suggestions. If there’s a character whose name you think should be included, please leave a comment (if you don’t mind it being public), or use the Request a Review page (if you do mind).

I’ll be posting the presentation here after the convention, but the attendees get first look (not to mention the possibility of minties and/or other giveaways).

Kantai Collection (2015): Final Thoughts



Kantai Collection worked best when it focused on slice of life for the anthromorphic moe battleship (among many others).

This was especially true when the adorably batshit crazy Kongou sisters[1] were Chewing the Scenery like the utterly shameless Large Hams that they are. Continue reading

Shirobako (2015): Final Thoughts With Minor Spoilers



Oh wow. Has a second season been announced yet? No?


Shirobako started with the strongest opening of the Fall 2014 season, and may well have finished with the strongest finale of 2015. Period. Yes, that’s a big call[1], but topping the Shirobako finale is going to be a tough challenge for any show[2].

CrunchyRoll were delayed in getting the subs again, but it was well worth the wait. Continue reading

Best One Word Comedy: Is It PIXAR or Warner Brothers?


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I had an idle thought yesterday about Pixar and one word comedy like so:

Continue reading

Shirobako: Thy Name Is Irony


Being appointed production desk was a shock...

Being appointed production desk was a shock…

Shirobako is the anime about making anime that is my favourite show of the season.

The main character of Shirobako is the production desk Aoi Miyamori, charged with ensuring timely delivery of episodes, and she’s very good at it.

Shirobako is directed by Tsutomo Mizushima who, you may recall, has had occasional difficulties delivering episodes on time. Continue reading

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (1990-1991): Second Thoughts


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Nadia Cover

The cover for the U.S. Edition.

I’m currently halfway[1] through Nadia: Secret of Blue Water and still enjoying the ride. Most of what I said in respect of the first disc is still true but some aspects have begun to grate a bit. Continue reading

Anime Question of the Day: Anniversary of the Tohoku Earthquake


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I signed up for recently, and it’s certainly been a useful distraction when I’m on the bus or otherwise bored. One thing that I quite like is that this fellow is posing an “Anime Question of the Day”. My response today is long enough to be better presented as a post here[1]. Continue reading

How to write a good book for girls


John Samuel:

That’s about all that needs to be said I think.

NB: Reblog, so as usual PLEASE click through to show your love for the original post.

Originally posted on Grumpy Rumblings (of the formerly untenured):

Step 1:  Make a good book for kids.

Step 2: Make sure there are girls in it, at least 50%, and not in like subservient roles and crap.

Step 3: Make sure those girls are people first, and girls second (or third or fourth or whatever they are defined by besides their presentation as female).

That is all.

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