Looking Back At The Grand Tour



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This post will be an index for my Grand Tour posts, and will be updated as I curate each day’s photos. Check back every so often to see which posts have been updated. Continue reading

Really That Bad?: Isuca


In which, once again, Artemis and Watson watch the trash so you don’t have to. Reblog so my usual comments off policy will apply – head over to Otaku Lounge and offer them your sympathy and gratitude there. 🙂


You voted. We watched. This is the fifth installment of a series of conversations between Watson and myself about anime shows that have been deemed worthy contenders for the title of Worst Anime of All Time.

As with Mirage of Blaze, Hand Shakers, Vampire Holmes, and Diabolik Lovers, we’re not aiming just to poke fun at widely unpopular anime for our own amusement (though we certainly hope these articles are fun to read), but rather to have a frank discussion about what exactly makes these shows so bad in the first place. We’re also genuinely curious to find out whether or not these anime are indeed as bad as their reputations suggest.

So sit back, enjoy, and do let us know your own opinions in the comments.

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Fate/Zero (2011-12) with many spoilers



The Fate/[something][1] franchise is more or less omnipresent in anime fandom these days. From references in GATE: Thus the JSDF Fought There[2] to endless fanart and mentions in my twitter feeds the Fate franchise is very hard to avoid, and just as hard to avoid spoilers for.

Where to begin with the Fate franchise is a hard call[3], and after asking advice on Twitter I started with Fate/Zero, a prequel to the original game and anime.

So, what was Fate/Zero like?

NB: Many spoilers ahead[4]. Continue reading

Home Town Anime: A Place Further Than the Universe Episode 7 (2018)



Whilst I’m fairly sure that anime has been set in Western Australia before, A Place Further Than the Universe episode 7 The Ship That Sees the Universe is the first time I can actually remember seeing it.

Episode 6 Welcome to the Durian Show gave a reasonable look at Singapore as the episode was primarily shenanigans during a 2 day stopover in Singapore (mislaid passports and penalty durians were involved). So I was hoping for a similar anime themed look at Perth and Fremantle.  Continue reading

Weekly Photo Project 2018: Week 7 – Negative Space


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The theme this week was Negative Space, and I really had trouble coming up with an approach for this one. I’m still not entirely happy with the image I picked and some alternatives are after the cut.

The Shape of the Sky

Negative Space is a concept I struggle with, so here’s some more possible takes on the theme: Continue reading