Moana (2016)


We all have our little rituals for going to the cinema, a certain combination of snacks perhaps, mocking the ads, commenting on the trailers, etc. The usual.

One of mine is a bottle of water that I’ll usually finish well before the film ends. In the case of Moana it was still half full when the credits rolled. That almost never happens, and it speaks to how well Moana held my attention.

Moana is essentially the modern Disney musical in CGI form rather than cel animation. It is the direct inheritor of Beauty and the Beast[1] and the string of films that followed it, and a worthy inheritor indeed. Continue reading

Winter 2017 Roundup: Such as it is, and such as there is of it.


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The current season of anime isn’t inspiring me greatly at the moment. In fact a significant chunk of the series premieres left me cold to the point of not even bothering to finish the episodes. On that basis I’m limiting this to the shows that I’m still considering watching.

More details under the cut. Continue reading

New Year Boardgaming with Thanks, 2017 edition


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As is my usual practice I mostly passed the New Year playing board games at an event hosted by friends. Once again I’d like to thank my friends for hosting me, and I’d also like to thank them for tolerating my current obsession with Sentinels of the Multiverse.

Fortunately you won’t have to deal with that again next year[1]. 🙂

I tried a couple of new games, and both are on the possible “to-buy” list. Continue reading

2016 in Review


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This is going to be a little difficult as the stats page that I usually use for these posts has disappeared[1].

So there isn’t a 4th quarter rankings this year, nor is there an all-time ranking. Continue reading

Hibike! Euphonium S2 (2016) with Spoilers



Season 2 of Hibike! Euphonium is yet another anime that is good to almost the last drop. Skip the final episode and you have a solid series.

It turns out that I said most of what I needed to about season 2 when I wrote about episode 11 First Love Trumpet[1], especially in respect of the key themes being covered in the season.

So, what’s left to say?

Mostly some coverage of the second last episode (clever) and the finale (lazy). Continue reading

Poco’s Udon World (2016)


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At first glance Poco’s Udon World is in a similar genre to say Usagi Drop or Sweetness and Lightning: a show about a sole father raising a child[1]. However it’s more of a tourist advert for Kagawa whilst reconciling a son to the memories of his late father.

It’s pleasant enough stuff, especially the tanuki masquerading as human Poco, but ends up being fairly shallow all told. Episode 12 Kakeudon was trying for an emotional reaction that the show lacked the depth to pull off. Continue reading

Kiss Him, Not Me (2016)


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Kiss Him, Not Me (aka Watashi ga Motete Dōsunda[1]) is an amusing enough show if you can ignore the dangerous body image / nutrition issues within the premise.

However Kiss Him, Not Me is also showing early signs of Ranma ½  syndrome, so I’m unlikely to watch any more should a second series appear[2]. Continue reading

Two-Mix: White Reflection


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In her reply here to my questions re the Sunshine Blogger Award, Inrosegalaxy included this intriguing music video by Two-Mix for their 1997 single White Reflection. Before I comment on it, here’s the video itself:

Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award 2016


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sunshine-blogger-awardI’m surfacing after an intense but successful project[1] and finally noticing some blogger awards that have come my way. These are basically a fun way to prompt posts with a bit of a Q&A format, so here goes.

The first order of business is to thank the lovely Artemis over at Otaku Lounge.

The “rules”[2] here are basically: Continue reading

Days (2016): So. Much. Testosterone. And yet… So. Much. Fun.


Days is adapted from the ongoing shounen manga created by Tsuyoshi Yasuda. Days is based around the clumsy, novice Tsukushi Tsukamoto who through perserverance and GUTS rises to become a regular player for the prestigious Seiseki High School soccer team.

Based on that description pretty much every reader of this blog[1] is wondering “why the hell was he watching that?”

For the first few episodes I was wondering the same thing. 🙂 Continue reading