Inari, KonKon, Koi Iroha (2014)



Inari, KonKon, Koi Iroha (aka Inakon) is a charming little supernatural romantic comedy series, and one where I’d like to see a second season.

Inakon is primarily about the clumsy and somewhat shy girl Inari Fushimi who rescues a familiar of the shrine goddess Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami (usually addressed as Uka-Sama for obvious reasons), and winds up with both some of Uka-Sama’s divine powers and said familiar. Continue reading

Girls Und Panzer Der Film (2015) with Spoilers


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I finally got to Girls Und Panzer Der Film on a whim last night[1], and it’s a wild ride.

This film is a huge amount of fun.

There are major spoilers ahead, with one final warning before I get to key points.  Continue reading

Amanchu! (2016)


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In retrospect Amanchu! was never going to live up to my hopes of matching or exceeding ARIA, and it was unfair of me to have those expectations.


With that disclaimer in place, what is Amanchu, and what is a fair assessment of Amanchu? Continue reading

New Game! (2016)



Back in my Summer 2016 round up, I didn’t expect a lot out of New Game! but did actually end up enjoying it a fair bit. As I said at the time:

Between the all-female cast, and the excessive fanservice, this show isn’t going to be on the level of Shirobako by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s still some hope that this show will have some things worth saying.

That’s more or less where New Game! ended up being: a light comedy about working in a creative environment, with occasional commentary on Japanese work practices[1]. It did have some good points to make about the issues of creating art to schedule, whilst also learning the tools of your trade. Continue reading

The Additional Words I See in #BlackLivesMatter. You Should See Them Too.


Another day, another black life snuffed out into a hashtag by police violence. I mostly don’t comment on #BlackLivesMatter on social media beyond amplifying the voices of black activists.

This is their movement, their time, the most I can usually do is offer support and not get in the way.

One thing I do think that I can say is to answer the use of #AllLivesMatter as a derailing tactic that is designed to defend the status quo. Continue reading

Combustible Campus Guardress 1 & 2 (1994)



Oh my stars is there some dross lurking at the bottom of my VHS fansubs. The VCR was returned after GAMMACon today [1]so I pulled out one of the tapes I’d set aside for another blast from the past[2].

On the menu today: Combustible Campus Guardress[3], an OAV series from 1994. It turns out that I only have the first two episodes, and I won’t be in any particular hurry to track down the final two episodes.

The premise for Guardress is pretty ridiculous, and knowingly so. Essentially there are remnants of demons from another world who would like to go home, but opening the gate to do so will destroy the world. Inconvenient that. Continue reading

Galaxy Railways: A Letter from the Abandoned Planet (2007)


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I suspect that Galaxy Railways: A Letter from the Abandoned Planet would make more sense if I’d seen the preceding Galaxy Railways TV series. As it is, Abandoned Planet fails as a stand-alone story and cannot be recommended[1].

Abandoned Planet is further hampered by atrocious subtitles, including “I’m envy [sic] that you care about him so much.” Many of the translations are abbreviated, grammatically challenged, and I strongly suspect are missing context and key meaning. I would be interested to see what Frog-kun makes of it. Continue reading

Ten Little Gall Force (1988)


Anime has a time honoured tradition of omakes, or extras. These are usually short pieces bundled with releases or broadcast after episodes such as the Kero-chan checks of Card Captor Sakura fame.

There are omake, there are omake, and then there is Ten Little Gall Force. Continue reading

Farewell My Beloved Lupin (1980)


As I mentioned yesterday there’re some oddities buried deep in my anime collection. Some of which I didn’t even know I had until I pulled the tapes out again.

One of these is episode 155 of the Lupin III Part II TV Series, Farewell My Beloved Lupin. For those that don’t know, this is one of the two episodes that was directed by Hayao Miyazaki, and oh boy does it show. Continue reading