Looking Back At The Grand Tour



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This post will be an index for my Grand Tour posts, and will be updated as I curate each day’s photos. Check back every so often to see which posts have been updated. Continue reading

Laid-Back Camp (2018): Exactly What It Says On The Tin



Source: CrunchyRoll

There is no false advertising[1] in Laid-Back Camp[2]: the title alone tells you exactly what you’re going to get from this show.

Yurucamp is essentially two parallel stories that link up at the end of the series:

  • the growing friendship of the outgoing Nadeshiko Kagamihara and the reserved Rin Shima[3]; and
  • Nadeshiko’s increasing involvement with the inevitable Outcamp Club at her new high school.

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Fate/Grand Order: First Order (2016)



Source: AnimeLab

Fate/Grand Order is a short movie prologue to the mobile game of the same name. It is essentially an alternate continuity to the main Fate/Stay Night universe, one where the Fourth Holy Grail War in 2004 goes horribly wrong.

The Chaldea Security Organisation (CSO) is responsible for guaranteeing humanity’s continued existence and eventually notices the singularity, and that it will lead to humanity’s destruction.

Which is kind of against their core mission, so they’d like to register an objection. The CSO attempts to send a team of 50 odd Master candidates back in time to intervene but yet another disaster strikes. Continue reading

Fate/Stay Night: The Franchise (2006 – 2015)


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Source: Madman

Having reviewed the major components of the Fate/Stay Night franchise to date[1], what are my thoughts on the franchise as a whole?

I have appreciated each of the instalments in different ways, but might have approached the series differently under different circumstances.

Then I had other thoughts about the Servants, a possible meta structure for the franchise that is based entirely on my own biases, and some adaptational concerns across the franchise. Continue reading

Fate/Stay Night (2006) aka Deen/Stay Night


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Source: Madman

Continuing with my run through the Fate franchise[1] I come at last to the original entry and nearly to the end of what I can lay hands on easily[2]. Fate/Stay Night is also, as far as I know, the only instalment animated by Studio Deen instead of Ufotable.

So, what was Fate/Stay Night like?

Overall I place it between Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works, but with a stronger second half than Unlimited Blade WorksContinue reading