Looking Back At The Grand Tour



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This post will be an index for my Grand Tour posts, and will be updated as I curate each day’s photos. Check back every so often to see which posts have been updated. Continue reading

Weekly Photo Project 2018: Week 15 – Closure


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The abstract themes in the Weekly Photo Project are sometimes the hardest. Closure led me to the Australian War Memorial for the Last Post ceremony in honour of Kathleen Margaret Neuss. My chosen photo for the project is from the end of the ceremony as the Last Post is being blown whilst the piper and the Major salute:


In the lead up to that point I took a number of other photos that could also apply to the theme. Continue reading

Our (almost) Daily Doctor Who Routine


This lovely piece on parenting and Doctor Who is WELL worth your time. Reblog so I’ll be disabling comments here, please click through and give your appreciation for this wonderful story to Danny directly.


I have been watching through original Doctor Who with my kids from the very first William Hartnell episode. We’re enjoying it, so I thought I’d share our DW routine to maybe inspire other parents, fans, or New Who folks to give it a try.

My pair are 7 and 9, and we’ve been watching from the very beginning for a while now. At this point we’re into Patrick Troughton’s last season. In fact, we’re now up to part three of  The Space Pirates.

Watching is a part of our morning school routine – get up, eat brekky, get dressed, brush hair, one 25 minute episode, then out to catch the school bus. If they’re going a bit slow I remind them, “If you don’t hurry up, there won’t be time for today’s Doctor Who!”

That gets them moving!

Every month or two they ask for some old Warner Brothers cartoons…

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WOOOO HOOOOO!! Music from the Studio Ghibli Films of Hayao Miyazaki


Some time ago the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra* announced these concerts for the end of April. Note that Joe Hisaishi will be conducting his own compositions.

At the time I had a horribly frustrating experience which resulted in… getting on a wait list in case further concerts were announced.

EDIT: Updated to include image, link, and an overview of how the waitlist is being processed. If you’re still on the waitlist, please click through.  Continue reading