Crowdsourcing Request: Names to Know in Anime




I’m planning to present this as a panel at GammaCon, with the following description (subject to change):

The names of anime characters can sometimes carry incredible amounts of meaning, warn you about a character’s importance to the story, or provide an early insight into their powers and abilities. Join John Samuel for a survey of at least some of the names to know in anime and be better prepared for the next time you see them come around.

I’m a fair way into preparing the presentation, but I’m always open to suggestions. If there’s a character whose name you think should be included, please leave a comment (if you don’t mind it being public), or use the Request a Review page (if you do mind).

I’ll be posting the presentation here after the convention, but the attendees get first look (not to mention the possibility of minties and/or other giveaways).

Pedantic Perspective Watches: Triage X ep. 1

John Samuel:

A big thank you to the team at Pedantic Perspective for watching the utterly trashy shows so I don’t have to.

I doubt I would have made it to the OP.

Reblog, please click through to to original to properly appreciate the screenshots and collective snark.

Originally posted on Pedantic Perspective:

For a show about medical-themed superheroes, it’s ironic that the first episode of Triage X left us feeling kind of sick by the end.

[HorribleSubs] Triage X - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.15_[2015.04.12_23.31.42]

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Dear Asshat

John Samuel:

Seems like a fair response to me. Reblog, please click through to the original.

Originally posted on Listening to the Voices in My Head:

My bike basket is not your rubbish bin. I saw you toss you sandwich wrapper into it, not thinking that this pudgy old woman was the rider of the bike when you looked my way.

I saw you put your things in your car, and head back into the shops. When you were out of sight, I removed your trash from my bike basket, and put it under you windshield wiper blades, as it does belong to you. I am just so sorry about the BBQ sauce that got smeared on the drivers side, eye level.

Maybe next time, you will carry you trash to the nearest garbage can, and NOT use someone’s bike basket, but I won’t hold my breath. Asses like you think you own the world and everyone/everything in it.

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Lock In (2014) by John Scalzi


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Cover of my copy. Yes, I'm gloating again. :)

Cover of my copy. Yes, I’m gloating again. :)

Lock In is fabulous. I bought a hard cover in the dealers’ room at SwanCon 40 for the signing, and it didn’t last more than two hours[1] on the flight back to Canberra.

There will be no spoilers in this review. I think that this is a book, and a world, that should come at you cold.

The pacing is fast, the world building solid, and the murder mystery elements work entirely within the rules of the world as established in good time[2]. Science fiction murder mysteries are hard; the temptation to introduce a MacGuffin that magically solves it must always be there. Continue reading

First Impressions: Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace (2014)



These are my initial impressions, in tweets, of the Bodacious Space Pirates: Abyss of Hyperspace movie. This may well be unfair to the movie overall, and I plan to give it another look at some point when I’m not watching the clock before catching a plane. Continue reading

Thank You SwanCon 40. Thank You So Much


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As I write this I’m a little more coherent than I was when I received the Mikey and tweeted this:

But not that much more coherent, and I certainly wouldn’t have been able to speak in public about it. Continue reading

The Nameko Families (2013?) is a very odd little show


This just popped up on CrunchyRoll and is a very odd beast indeed. According to this Anime News Network item it is based on a free smartphone game about raising a family of mushrooms.

Despite only recently appearing on CrunchyRoll I’m guessing it was made in 2013 or maybe 14 judging from the news article. Continue reading

Codex Born (2013) by Jim C. Hines


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Codex Born is a fun fast read, well suited to a flight from Canberra to Perth. It is another desperate adventure for Isaac Vainio and Lena Greenwood as they discover dark, hidden, truths about their world.

Codex Born is, in a sense, to Libriomancer what Kamisama Kiss season 2 was to season 1: exactly what I expected, exactly what I wanted, with a few surprises to keep me guessing.

As to what those surprises are, well, there’s the [SPOILER DELETED] and also the [SPOILER DELETED]. Continue reading


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