There has been an #AuthorsForFireys hashtag running on twitter for sometime now. I thought I’d start something similar for anibloggers.

The rules that I’m following (feel free to change them) are simple:

  1. Pick an episode of something that you wouldn’t normally review (see after the jump for the horror that I’ve chosen to inflict on myself).
  2. Give people a week to bid on getting the review emailed to them a week before you publish it. You can run the bids on the blog post, and/or on twitter.
  3. When the winner provides evidence of their donation to a suitable Australian Bushfires Charity, watch the show, write your rant review and email it to them.
  4. A week later, publish it on your blog for all to see.
  5. Rinse and repeat if desired.

And, now, drum roll please, the… thing that I’m offering to watch a full episode of is:

Interspecies Reviewers (AnimeLab)

Interspecies Reviewers (AnimeLab)

Just imagine the sort of rant I could produce from that.

Just imagine seeing it a week before everybody else.

You have a week to get your bids in. Please, for the love of whatever you hold holy, don’t make me do this for less than $100 to a good cause.