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This post will be an index for my Grand Tour posts, and will be updated as I curate each day’s photos. Check back every so often to see which posts have been updated.

Setting Off and Japan

The first part of the tour was the departure from Canberra, and the Tokaido Trail in Japan. Here’s the posts for that part of the tour:

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is where I met up with Julian, Todd, and Ben, and we began the epic overland trek.


The first major train ride took us to Beijing:


The next leg of the train journey took us to Mongolia, and the first overnight train:


From Mongolia we headed to Russia!


Then we briefly passed through Germany:


With a short stop in France

United Kingdom

Then I finished the tour with an extended stay in London:

Home Again

The last part of the tour was the return trip

When I left the plum trees outside were in full bloom like so:

Plum Blossoms

When I got back:


I really must get these tested one year to see if they’re edible.

Side Notes

Along the way I also dashed off a bunch of side notes that may amuse. Think of them as my snarky footnotes to the tour.

Book Review

After the trip I finished reading and reviewing HMS Warrior (1860): Victoria’s Ironclad Deterrent by Andrew Lambert.

The End

And… that’s all folks.

That was my Grand Tour to celebrate turning 50. I hope you’ve enjoyed following my trip as much as I enjoyed the journey, and I hope you stick around for my other travels (which will be rather less epic in scale).