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Taps microphone… is this thing still on? OK, good[1].

So I’ve just seen the first episode of the 2021 live action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop.

And it really is Bebop.

It looks right, it sounds right, John Cho, Mustafir Shakir, and Danielle Pineda are solid as Spike, Jet, and Faye respectively.

In terms of story, Cowboy Gospel is a remix of Asteroid Blues, and with an earlier introduction of Faye using several scenes liberally lifted from Honky Tonk Women.

What holds it together, and makes it work, are the additions to Katerina. These additions promote her to being much more than just “Asimov’s woman”. To be brutally honest, Katerina really wasn’t much more than that in the original show[2].

Here, in Cowboy Gospel, Katerina is a character: she has reasons, motivations, to be where she is, and doing what she’s doing. This is also what brings Faye in early – and it works beautifully story wise.

I enjoyed the first episode, and at this stage I’m looking forward to the rest. I’ll try to refrain from binging it though.[3]

Question of the Post: Have you seen the first episode of the new Cowboy Bebop? What were your thoughts?

NB: Please don’t discuss later episodes.

[1] I really should write more here. I really should.

[2] I rewatched that episode recently, I know whereof I speak.

[3] Whether or not I’ll succeed is another question.