Here we go. Welcome to the many and intimidating tanks of Kuromorimine Girls High School. 

Tiger I

Barring the Sturmtiger (thankfully), Kuromorimine  pretty much fielded all of the Tiger variants. All of the photos in this post come from the Bovington Tank Museum (the collection at Yekaterinburg was attached to a memorial to the Great Patriotic War and didn’t have any German vehicles anywhere that I could see). So let’s start at the beginning with Maho’s personal tank, a Tiger I:

Tiger I

(This is apparently the only Tiger I in running order in the world).

And from that moment, here’s Maho’s Tiger I:

Maho’s Tiger I

Tiger II

Meanwhile Maho’s subcommander Erika was running around in a Tiger II:

Tiger II (Front) (Elefant and Tiger I in back)

Speaking of Erika, here’s her first encounter with the annoyances of dealing with the fact that Miho is just downright sneaky and devious when it comes to tactics:

I’d get used to that Erika. It isn’t changing anytime soon.

In fact Erika you would do well to listen to Darjeeling. Because Miho certainly did:

Darjeeling’s Advice


The Kuromorimine team included an Elefant, and this photo really doesn’t capture how imposing the damn thing is when you see it in person (but it’s the best I’ve got):


(This example actually belongs to U.S. Army Ordnance Museum but was on loan to Bovington to enable a single display of the entire Tiger family. Minus the Sturmtiger)

And here’s the Rabbits at the start of their quote “Super Strategy Plan”:

Rabbits vs Elefant

Mind you I shouldn’t be too hard on them given that Miho is running operation Teasy Tease at this thpoint


Another of the fixed gun vehicles fielded by Kuromorimine was the Jagdtiger:


And from slightly later in the episode here’s the Rabbits starting their heroic face off against the Jagdtiger (that doesn’t end quite so well for them):

Rabbits vs Jagdtiger

Panzer III

Moving on from the Tigers, you might have blinked and missed it but there was a Panzer III scouting for the Maus (see below) in the TV Series. Bovington had one, kinda, sorta:

Panzer III

And here’s the (rather longer barrelled) Panzer III leading Oarai towards the Maus:

Run away! Run away!


There were a number of Panthers in the line up:

Panther and T-34

And here are a couple of Panthers from the end of episode 11:



Another of the fixed gun vehicles fielded was a Jagdpanther, seen here with the Hetzer in the background.

Jagdpanther (with Hetzer hiding behind it)

Speaking of Jagdpanthers and Hetzers, here’s the Jagdpanther that the Turtles disabled the first time attempting to rejoin the fray:


The thing is though, I’m looking at the position of the damaged wheel on the left side, and comparing it to the left side of Bovington’s Jagdtiger and wondering if there’s an in-joke going on here:

The missing wheel on the Jagdtiger

Jagdpanzer IV

I don’t think I saw one of these. Certainly the Wikipedia entry for the Jagdpanzer IV doesn’t show one of the survivors being at Bovington. I’m not certain of my identification, but I think this was one of the Jagdpanzer IVs in episode 11:

Jagdpanzer IV (I think)


No, I didn’t see the Maus either. And here it is whilst Hetzers gonna Hetz:

Maus and Hetzer


And that’s it for the cast (well the tanks at least) of the Girls Und Panzer TV series. I don’t have (legal) streaming versions of the OAVs and Der Film, so I can’t really get screenshots from those. Still, have an Italian L3/L4 tankette from the Australian War Memorial as an omake:

L3/L4 Tankette

All of the photographs in this set of posts were taken by me on my Grand Tour, so please check that out if you’re amused by my photographic efforts.

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Question of the Post: Do you have a favourite tank in the Girls Und Panzer cast? If so, which is it?