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I have basically maintained the same approach to my hair since the early 90s: wait until I perceived myself as becoming shaggy, go to a barber, get a number 1 all over including the beard. Nice, simple, neat.

Then 2020 happened. And things started getting complicated.

You may remember me adopting a clean shaven approach in the wake of the Australian bushfires so that an anti-particulates mask* would fit properly:

The naked horror

The naked horror

I had since reverted to my normal pattern with the clearing of the air in Canberra (I’m still monitoring the ACT Health website just in case). But now COVID-19 is upon us.

With a haircut in the foreseeable future looking to be a) probably unavailable and b) profoundly irresponsible in any event, I’ve had to make other plans.

Plans that involve shampoo, conditioner, brushes, and combs. None of which I’ve really needed for a while. The thing is… I’m just about at the point where I would be getting a haircut. If not now, then within a couple of weeks tops:

Starting Point

Starting Point

One minor change is that I’ve shaved around the mouth and will keep that clear. Otherwise the hair and beard will get as long as they get before the all clear is given.

Oh, and one thing that greatly amused me when I posted that fully shaven pic on twitter was this photoshop effort by Danny Oz:

I will mess you up.

Oh, if only it were true.

I plan to revise this post once the COVID-19 all clear is given to post a photo of what I look like before getting a haircut. 😂