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Source: Anime Lab

Kakushigoto is a surprisingly charming comedy about the, ah, mature, mangaka Kakushi Goto and his desperate attempts to keep his daughter Hime Goto from finding out what it is he does for a living.

This is not helped by poor Kakushi being successful enough to be recognised on the streets as a successful mangaka. .

Kakushigoto is careful to avoid showing details of Kakushi’s manga. Given what it does show, that was something of a relief. 🙂

Instead, much of the comedy revolves around Kakushi’s love for his daughter, and the corresponding fear that she would be ashamed of him if she knew the truth.

Hilarity and mayhem ensue. Oh, and multiple puns built around exactly where you split the syllables of “Kakushigoto” into words. For example… shigoto is work, and I think kaku separately was subtitled as dirty or secret. Meanwhile the character’s name is Kakushi Goto. You get the idea.

The thing that really made the first episode work for me is that the comedy, the humour, in this show isn’t mean. It isn’t punching down.

Yes, you are to an extent laughing at Kakushi’s antics but there’s a strong sense of sympathy for him at the same time. Yes, his fears may very well be misguided, but he has reasons to hold them, and that shapes how the viewer sees him.

His assistants are clearly shaping up to be a classic anime loon squad in the glorious traditions of the Patlabor maintenance squads, and the supporting characters in many a Rumiko Takahashi series.

The biggest risk I see is that it will run out of material, but if it doesn’t then Kakushigoto could be one of the gems of the Spring 2020 seasons.

Question of the Post: Have you seen the Kakushigoto premiere? Is it on your to watch list? 

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