Oh wow. Has a second season been announced yet? No?


Shirobako started with the strongest opening of the Fall 2014 season, and may well have finished with the strongest finale of 2015. Period. Yes, that’s a big call[1], but topping the Shirobako finale is going to be a tough challenge for any show[2].

CrunchyRoll were delayed in getting the subs again, but it was well worth the wait.

I’m not going to spoil too many of the details of the final episodes, particularly for episodes 23 Table Flip Continued and 24 The Delivery That Was Too Far Off.

I will say that director Tsutomo Mizushima seems to be very good at delivering the emotional kicker after the action is done. If you think back to Girls Und Panzer, nearly half the final episode The Battle We Can’t Back Down From! is devoted to the emotional aspects of Ooarai Girls High School’s victory,  and it really does set the capstone on the series.

Aoi Starts To Speak

Aoi Starts To Speak

The equivalent scene in Shirobako is, inevitably, the wrap party where the cast and crew of Third Aerial Girls Squad come together to celebrate their achievement. It only runs for 6 – 8 minutes of the episode this time, but hits like an emotional freight train.

Especially when poor Aoi-chan-Senpai gets tagged with making a speech. This is the awkward start of it, but DAMN once Aoi gets going. Wow.

I’m almost sniffling just thinking of it.

Once the speech gets into the vast effort that goes into making anime, with that subtle piano soundtrack underneath it, the hits just keep coming as the end credit song plays over the party.

Hey, Hey, the gangs all here!

Hey, Hey, the gangs all here!

And then the bastards bait the hooks for a sequel season that would see all 5 of the main characters continuing to work together, probably with Aoi as a line producer.

A sequel which hasn’t been announced. I do still hold out some hope as, apparently, the Shirobako blu-rays have been selling well in Japan, and picking up momentum as the releases continue.

So maybe I’ll get another season next year but in the meantime: give Shirobako a honest try. You may not connect with it, it isn’t for everyone, but if you do connect with it then you won’t be disappointed with you get.

Sad to see it end, joy in what was there, but not disappointed. Never that.

So Don-Don-Donuts, GO NUTS!

[1] Especially with the possibility of another season of ARIA later this year.

[2] Akatsuki no Yona and KanColle didn’t come anywhere close, and I’m still not expecting that much from Log Horizon despite a strong episode with a great setup last week.