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Several of these shows have already had their own first thoughts posts, others are coming soon[1]. Still I thought I’d pass an hour in an airport lounge summarising overall reactions and relative standings.


I’m still adoring this show, and a relatively flat seventh episode segued into an eighth that worked well with what went before. Definitely my favourite for the season.

Encouragement of Climb Season 2

Yama no Susume came back to CrunchyRoll! And there was much rejoicing. Up to episode 20 now, and still one of my favourites for the Fall season.

If you haven’t caught up with Yama no Susume you really should.

The latest episode was an adorable day in the limelight for Kokona-chan.

Log Horizon Season 2

As expected Log Horizon has been a strong performer, and one that has already inspired a couple of posts.

The character development for Akatsuki has been the highlight so far.


A hangover from the Summer 2014 season that is continuing to be one of the better mecha shows I’ve seen in a long time.

As with all good mecha shows the focus is firmly on the characters, and there’s been a lot of good character work in this show.

The biggest concern is not being able to see the point of the grand conspiracy in the background.

Yūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru

Yuki Yuna is a Hero CrunchyRollThis one appeared after my season sampler and has rapidly established itself as a highly underrated show. I’ve written a spoiler free introduction, and a massively spoilerly set of wild mass guesses.

I do strongly advise coming to Yūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru unspoiled if you can manage it[2].

Akatsuki No Yona

The first of the shows that I haven’t managed a write-up for but need to. Akatsuki No Yona has settled down from an unsteady start into a show that I’m genuinely looking forward to each week.

There is some lovely character work going on in this show. The well paced development of Yona from bratty princess to a genuinely caring young woman who wants to learn about her world has been wonderful to watch.

Naturally this has included a meaningful haircut, but that was always on the cards from the OP.

Celestial Method

If you haven’t been reading the episodic reviews of Celestial Method (aka Sora no Method) on Pedantic Perspective then I recommend checking them out[3]. This is yet another strong performer from the Fall 2014 season and well worth checking out.

Celestial Method also wins bonus points for delivering a plot relevant Hot Springs episode that wasn’t exploitative or fan service laden. Even the invitations, and how they were delivered, were important to the general message of reconciliation that is at the heart of this show.

Your Lie in April

I recently reblogged a Mage in a Barrel post on Your Lie in April that goes a long way to explaining why I want to like this show more than I do. Episode 8 Let It Ring was possibly the first episode that I absolutely enjoyed without reservations, and it also featured the least screentime for the protagonists to date.

I’m going to keep watching this one, but that nagging feeling remains: why don’t I like this more?

When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace

Mostly lighthearted fluff, albeit with some nice character work here and there. Inou Battle is still amusing enough to keep watching but it’s definitely one of the weaker shows this season.

Karen Senki

Karen Senki is hanging in there mostly by virtue of being 10 minute episodes on a Sunday morning just after I watch Log Horizon. It’s not bad per se, and it is beginning to genuinely interest me, but it’ also one of the weaker shows this season.


These are the previously mentioned shows that got dropped for want of interest or time. Make a strong case for them in the comments and I might take another look at them:

  • Trinity Seven
  • World Trigger
  • Terraformars


Even if half of these shows stumble at the finish I’m calling it now: Fall 2014 is a classic season for anime. I’m currently watching 10 shows, and a good 8 of those are strong performers.

I can’t think of another season where that many shows caught, and held, my attention. There’s plenty to like this season so try out any of the top 5 or 6 above and I doubt that you’ll be disappointed.

[1] Akatsuki No Yona will hopefully getting a write up this weekend.

[2] Hence the absence of a description of the premise here.

[3] Yes, this is another show that I need to do a write up for at some point.