Kantai Collection worked best when it focused on slice of life for the anthromorphic moe battleship (among many others).

This was especially true when the adorably batshit crazy Kongou sisters[1] were Chewing the Scenery like the utterly shameless Large Hams that they are.

I mean, seriously, how can you not adore a set of characters introduced like this[2]:

KanColle worked less well when it tried to be serious, primarily due to the Loads and Loads of Characters who had not been properly established and were hard to keep track of as a result.

This is particularly true of the full fleet action of the final episodes which is a full fleet action[3] with something like 20+ KanMusu participating.

That's not actually all of them...

That’s not actually all of them…

The result is more a collection of scenes than a coherent story. It was good to see individual KanMusu get their moments to shine… when I knew who they were.

This is further complicated by mystical elements that were introduced at the very last minute.

Basically, KanColle’s reach exceeded its grasp.

This is not to say that the final episodes weren’t enjoyable, they were, but they really don’t stand up as a story.

Although I do have to admit that seeing Nagato and Mutsu[4] turn up with their full kit was cool.

Overall KanColle is an amusing watch, and I’ll probably take a look at season 2 when it turns up. I won’t however be expecting it to be more than an amusing show to watch.

[1] As noted by a commenter here, all four are ably voiced by Nao Toyama.

[2] What makes this scene so perfect is Mutsu giggling as poor Fubuki’s illusions of the graceful, ladylike, Kongou are utterly shattered.

[3] The final episodes are essentially a replay of the Battle of Midway… with the Japanese fleet winning. Because they’re cute KanMusu fighting their reincarnated destiny. Or something like that.

[4] As I’ve been discussing with a friend offline, I’m so on the Nagato/Mutsu ship (yes, I just went there 🙂 ). They’re adorable together, and Mutsu has the sense of humour that the uptight Nagato badly needs.