TV Tropes GirlsUndPanzer_4233When watching the highly enjoyable final episodes of Girls Und Panzer it is important to recognise that Tropes Are Not Bad, and that sometimes clichés are things that work consistently.

In my previous post I hoped for an ending that would have been similar to Chihayafuru in terms of using defeat as a lesson, and as a challenge for the future.

Instead the ending was the Underdogs Never Lose that I was expecting. However the execution of the clichés was essentially flawless, and I enjoyed every minute.

It helped that Ooarai had the right balance of advance planning on Miho’s part, willingness to improvise around the plans, and a solid sense of teamwork/friendship. The latter two being the areas where Ooarai had Black Forest totally outmatched.

Girls Und Panzer was a big enough hit that a second season is likely, and I have to admit that I’m looking forward to it.

Overall Girls Und Panzer delivered a satisfyingly clichéd ending, and there’s nothing wrong with that.