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I’m supposed to be watching Planetes episode 18 Debris Section, The Last Day right now but I’ve had a brain draining week [1] and simply can’t face the effort required [2].

For much of the last week I’ve been resorting to comfort anime, shows that don’t involve too much effort, which I can let roll over me without worrying too much.

The Story of Saiunkoku

The Story of Saiunkoku (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suspect most fans have a list of these anime that are their go-tos when they just need to relax. My list includes Card Captor Sakura, ARIA (all three seasons), Maria-Sama ga Miteru [3] , and right at the minute The Story of Saiunkoku.

These are the shows that are always high on the rewatch list for me. I suspect that Bodacious Space Pirates will soon make that list as well.

So as a query to my readers [4], what are your comfort anime?

What are the shows you go to for pure relaxation in stressful times?

[1] Short version: I’m juggling production support for a new release with analysis for future releases, and some other troubleshooting. Current attention span: SQUIRREL!

[2] I hope to write that review tomorrow, possibly a second.

[3] Although for the life of me I still can’t say why that one makes the list.

[4] Yes, both of you. 🙂