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Image sourced from TV Tropes

Image sourced from TV Tropes

This is not the sequel to Bodacious Space Pirates you were looking for. This is the review of the local [1] Blu-Ray release by Hanabee.

The Stuff I’m Not Going To Repeat

I’m not going to rehash the story [2] of the first half of Bodacious Space Pirates in this review. I’ve already written First Thoughts, Second Thoughts, and (hopefully not) Final Thoughts on the show and that should do until actual new footage appears [3].

Suffice it to say that Bodacious Space Pirates is still one of my favourite shows from 2012, and a very easy show to rewatch.

Instead I’ll be talking about the stuff that wasn’t on CrunchyRoll.

The Quality

An occasional problem with CrunchyRoll is getting all the quality your internet can bear, and no more.

With Blu-Ray you get all the quality your HDMI connection to your Plasma Television can bear.

Oh my. OK, I’ll stop drooling now. 🙂

Bodacious Space Pirates has a very nice transfer to the Blu-Ray, and for this alone I’ll definitely be picking up my own copy [4].

The sound is also crisp and fresh on my system, albeit only in a 2.0 mix for both the dub and the original dialogue [5]. I suspect that the original soundtrack for the TV series hasn’t been remixed to 5.1.

The Eternal Question: Dub vs Sub

Speaking of the dub, episode 1 Pirates Coming Through shows that the dub is watchable to above average. My first impression is that the dub is good enough [6] to listen to if I had a subtitle allergic audience.

That said I strongly prefer the original dialogue with subtitles for Bodacious Space Pirates. The other episode I looked at this evening was episode 11 Wanderer of Light, and the translation in the subtitles felt about right.

One minor complaint is that there isn’t separate control over the language and subtitles. There are occasions when I want to compare the dub to the subtitles, and the menus don’t seem to allow this.

The Songs

It is good to see the English and the Romaji subtitles on the songs on alternate episodes. I’ve seen series where both versions are onscreen at the same time, and this can get very cluttered on screen.

Given the vocal complexities of the Momoiro Clover Z openings and closings, it was a wise choice to only have one subtitle on screen at a time.

The Extras

It is always nice to see the clean openings and closings, but the only other extra is some trailers. It is also only the first of the clean openings [7]. Despite my earlier reservations I’ve come to quite like the opening so here it is again:

However I’m cautiously optimistic that there will be more extras in the 2nd volume. Much as I’d like to see it however I’m not expecting to see the insane Momoiro Clover Z video for the opening song. Some of the image songs would be a nice addition though

The Summary

This is a solid release of the first half of Bodacious Space Pirates, and one that I’ll definitely be adding to my own collection.

Recommended – which won’t surprise anyone who has read my earlier posts.

[1] And by local I mean “Australian”. However as the Blu-Ray is marked for regions A and B I suspect it is very similar to the US release.

[2] A friend of mine who hasn’t seen the series will be watching the DVDs, and he may be writing a guest review soon.

[3] Hopefully the movie due in 2014 will be an actual sequel rather than an insert into the series like the Cowboy Bebop movie or the Hanasaku Iroha movie due later this year.

[4] See Site Disclaimer for my treatment of review copies.

[5] For the record one of the things I loathe is seeing an English 5.1 and a Japanese 2.0.

[6] I haven’t had the time or the inclination to sit down and listen to every episode. Generally speaking I won’t do that short of a Twenty/Thirty Days series and it will be at least 5 years (spoilers!) before I consider doing that for Bodacious Space Pirates

[7] Evolving Credits are in play in Bodacious Space Pirates, and I think that the first change to the closing credits pops up in episode 13.