Today is apparently the 6th anniversary of moving Pirates of the Burley Griffin to WordPress because I got tired of LiveJournal being down all the time. To amuse myself let’s take a look at the mostly pitiful stats I’ve racked up in that timeframe.

In that 6 years I’ve had:

  • just over 100,000 views on the blog[1], with 2014 and 2015 the only years I cracked 20,000.
  • 901 posts here on WordPress, plus another 1,207 migrated from LiveJournal
  • 2138 comments (which, admittedly include my pingbacks when I cross reference posts).
  • Roughly 34,000 spam comments blocked by Akismet

The last review I wrote on LiveJournal would have been Iria: Zeiram the Animation (1994), the first review on WordPress was Phantom Quest Corp (1994)[2].

The top five commented posts are:

I do mostly write for myself here, it’s how I organise and develop my thoughts on a range of topics. Still, I would appreciate a little more conversation occasionally. So, if you do enjoy what I write, do leave a comment occasionally. I usually answer pretty quickly.

And on that note, let’s see how these numbers have changed[5] in 2021 when I hit the 10 year anniversary. See you then.

[1] That happened at just about the time the Grand Tour was winding up.

[2] Evidently I was on a nineties OAV kick in December 2011 – the next reviews were Dominion Tank Police (1989), Ruin Explorers (1995), Gunsmith Cats (1995), and Sakura Wars (1997).

[3] And I still do want to know by the way.

[4] Ironically I’m now a Kantai Collection fan, I started mock-watching the anime and ended up being quite charmed by it.

[5] I’m guessing: not by much. 🙂