Whilst I’m fairly sure that anime has been set in Western Australia before, A Place Further Than the Universe episode 7 The Ship That Sees the Universe is the first time I can actually remember seeing it.

Episode 6 Welcome to the Durian Show gave a reasonable look at Singapore as the episode was primarily shenanigans during a 2 day stopover in Singapore (mislaid passports and penalty durians were involved). So I was hoping for a similar anime themed look at Perth and Fremantle. 

Alas, the latest episode was mostly concerned with the Penguin Manju and the back story of the previous expedition. On that level it was an excellent episode with strong character work for both the supporting cast and the main cast.

Fremantle Markets Exterior 1

But I was hoping to see more of what is essentially my home town as rendered in anime. There was really only one sequence that was distinctively Fremantle (as opposed to some generic dockside shots) set in the Fremantle Markets.

Fremantle Markets Exterior 2

Essentially the cast have been sent there on an errand to buy food for the expedition. The usual Translation Convention is in effect so either the girls are fluent in English, or the market stall holder spoke Japanese.

Fremantle Markets Interior

But that was basically all the content that was recognisably Fremantle. That’s a pity but, as I said, the rest of the episode was a solid character episode.

Questions of the post: Has your home town featured in anime? If so which series and episode? For other Western Australians, how accurate are the renditions here?