Anime has a time honoured tradition of omakes, or extras. These are usually short pieces bundled with releases or broadcast after episodes such as the Kero-chan checks of Card Captor Sakura fame.

There are omake, there are omake, and then there is Ten Little Gall Force.

I’ve reviewed the original Gall Force OAVs – Eternal Story, Destruction, and Stardust War. For the purposes of Ten Little Gall Force the only thing you need to remember about them is the running gag from Western Australian fandom that “everyone dies, oh the embarrassment”.

Then there is Ten Little Gall Force. Which is, essentially, a mockumentary in super deformed style of the making of Gall Force as if it had been a live action movie shot on a sound stage.

So the “everybody dies” part mostly goes away, but the “embarrassment” part is there in spades. And, yes, that’s a clue to the level of humour in Ten Little Gall Force.

I was going to watch it last night but my VHS copy is unsubtitled[1]. Fortunately the internet has provided, and there’s a subbed copy on YouTube.

It’s just as funny as I remember it being.

Note that, like the originals, it is fanservice heavy[2], but I still think it’s worth a look so here it is:

[1] It appears that I am (for SCIENCE!) still willing to put up with VHS fansub quality visuals, I’m not prepared to put up with those and no subtitles anymore.

[2] Kenichi Sonoda. Nothing more need be said.