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Following part 1 of this series, next on the agenda is St. Gloriana Girls Academy and Saunders University High School. I’m basically going to tackle the schools in order of appearance. 


Darjeeling the elegant (well, she thinks so 🙂 ) commander of St. Gloriana’s commands a Churchill Mk VII. Interestingly the only Mk VII I recall seeing at Bovington (pictured below) was the Crocodile flamethrower variant:

Churchill Mk VII

Yekaterinburg had a Mk IV:

Churchill Mk IV

Here’s Darjeeling entering into hot pursuit in episode 4:


There is of course no truth to the rumour that Churchills were made by carving them out of a single block of steel.

Two blocks were used. The turret was separate. 🙂

The Matildas

Most of the rest of Gloriana drove Matilda IIs, and here’s one that I saw at Yekaterinburg

Matilda II

And here’s one of them loyally following Darjeeling in pursuit:

Gloriana’s Matilda II

The Crusader

At least one Crusader pops up in Girls Und Panzer Der Film, but it’s not streaming anywhere that I can get (legal) screenshots from. So you’ll just have to settle for a real one from Bovington:

Crusader III / Cruiser Tank Mk VI

The Sherman

Moving onto Saunders and I’m not even going to try to run down all the Sherman variants that they were using. So here’s your basic Sherman as seen in Yekaterinburg:

Sherman Tank

And here’s the typically enthusiastic Kay enjoying the start of their match in episode 5:

It’s early days, the Rabbits can’t really shoot yet.

The Sherman Firefly

The one variant I will call out is Naomi’s Firefly as seen at Bovington:

Sherman Firefly

And here’s Naomi in pursuit of Miho’s tank in episode 6:

Naomi’s Firefly


And that’s it for Gloriana and Saunders. Next up Pravda and maybe Kuromorimine