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Moving right along after parts 1 (Oarai) and 2 (Gloriana and Saunders) it’s time to meet the tanks of Pravda High School.


The bulk of the Pravda tanks are T-34s as you might expect. This T-34/85s was on display at Yekaterinburg:


Bovington also had an 85:

T34/85 at Bovington

This is what Katyusha was driving, and here she is about to outline her brilliant* plans to her team:


Pravda also had a number of T34/76s, but the closest I got to that was this rear view of one that the Finns captured from the Soviets, and presumably made some alterations to:

Finnish T34/76

* May contain sarcasm


One of the rarer tanks in the Pravda collection is the IS-2 commanded by Nonna when Katyusha needs a sniper. I’m not convinced that this photo from Yekaterinburg is an IS-2, but if it isn’t then it’s closely related.


EDIT: Courtesy of Discordia and Jaehaerys Brunestud on Twitter, yes, this is an IS-2:

Certainly the profiles are very similar:



The last of the significant Pravda tanks is this KV-2


And here it is bringing up the rear when we first see Pravda’s tanks:

Pravda’s KV2


And that’s Pravda done. Next up: Kuromorimine