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Between Yekaterinburg and Bovington, I saw a good chunk of the cast (well the tanks at least) of Girls Und Panzer on the Grand Tour. So here’s what I found for Ōarai Girls High School, and where to find them:

Anglerfish Team

Team Anglerfish drove a Panzer IV, and I found the long barreled variant from the Pravda match at Bovington:

Panzer IV

Speaking of the Pravda match, here’s a screenshot of the tank from episode 9:

Team Anglerfish

Turtle Team

I don’t think I saw the Panzer 38(t), but I did see a Hetzer at Bovington:


And from episode 11 when Hetzer’s gonna Hetz…

Hetzers Gonna Hetz

Duck Team

Again I don’t think I saw an Type 89B exactly but Bovington had a close cousin in the Type 95:

Type 95 Ha-Go

And here’s the Ducks laying a smokescreen in episode 11:

Hippo Team

Not the exact model but close (a Finnish version) of the Team Hippo’s Stug III

Stug III

And from episode 11 here’s the Hippos charging down the hill:

Team Hippo!

Rabbit Team

We saw an M3 Lee in Yekaterinburg:

M3 Lee

And here are the Rabbits from episode 4 in glorious pink:


Mallard Team

As I mentioned in the Bovington post itself, there’s a Char B1 bis there:

Char B1 bis

And from the same scene as the Ducks (and, no, I don’t think that’s a coincidence), here’s the Mallards laying some smoke down:


Anteater Team

I didn’t see a Type 3 Chi-Nu, but here’s the Anteater team just before they accidentally take a hit for Anglerfish in episode 10:

Yeah, oops. Useful though.

Leopon Team

I’m not sure that there actually any Tiger (P)‘s left in the world. However this pre-production Tiger II is fitted with a turret that was described as being inaccurately referred to as a Porsche Tiger. So that’s as close as I’m likely to get:

Pre-production Tiger II

I’m not joking about that description btw:

Relevant text is bottom left

And here’s Leopon’s ignominious introduction (they get better):



And that’s it for Ōarai Girls High School. I’ll probably look at Saunders and Gloriana next time. 🙂