And so it ends.

Day 21 Planned:

The intended itinerary for today is:

  • 9:25PM (Hong Kong) to 9:35AM (Sydney): CX161 – Hong Kong to Sydney
  • 12:00PM (Sydney) to 12:55PM (Canberra): QF1419 – Sydney to Canberra

Connection time here is about 2½ hours so I should get a shower in the lounge here at least.

Day 21 Actual:

Pretty much the planned itinerary today. I’d kind of be in some sort of trouble if it wasn’t. 🙂

I didn’t sleep particularly well on the flight, but did have wifi so I amused my self playing Fate/Grand Order a fair bit. Other than that, the service was good, I did have a bed when I needed one, and customs/immigration in Australia was straightforward.

A taxi home and then spent the day trying to stay awake long enough that I can restore normal sleep patterns.


Not much in the album today. A couple of shots from CX161 on approach to Sydney in the morning, and one of a souvenir that I picked up is about it really.