Nozomi Cover Art – Dirty Pair OAV Series

The Dirty Pair OAVs end with a pleasant enough episode in No Need to Listen to the Bad Guys. We are Space Truckers! but it isn’t anything spectacular.

A couple of drunk drivers, spacers, whatever, are on a trip whilst complaining about all the quitters leaving the space trucking industry. Shortly afterwards they find out why as they actually notice the incoming missiles on the radar before they hit. I’m surprised they were paying enough attention to notice to be honest.

After the title card the young trucker Mash[1] runs to Jayd the old trucker in charge of Bawarnue Station to warn him that two new female truckers are about to head out on a delivery.

Kei and Yuri are bickering among themselves as usual whilst loading their truck. Jayd and the others attempt to warn them off, but Kei and Yuri already know the tally of dead and missing truckers.

Bawarnue Station was recently bought by Universal Company[2] and has issued eviction notices to the truckers who aren’t going anywhere. Their complaints to the police have gotten nowhere, and ditto for their request for help from the 3WA (at least as far as they know).

Undeterred Kei and Yuri head out in their space truck[3] to make a delivery run. At which point Jayd refuses to be shown up by little girls and do what a real man should. Gotta love the casual sexism[4]. Mash follows Jayd.

With typical subtlety, Kei and Yuri are headed for Universal Corporation’s home station of Dald. They speculate that the motive is smuggling because Bawarnue Station is ideally placed for it, and that the police are involved.

Jayd and Mash form up in a mini convoy until the next attack kicks off. Their ship is disabled and blows  up after Jayd and Mash transfer to Kei and Yuri’s ship.

Meanwhile Kei and Yuri take care of the attackers with some portable artillery. More bickering.

It turns out that Jayd is something of a wanted man although the statute of limitations will expire soon. However this is just when the police show up to inspect Kei and Yuri’s ship for smuggling.

On Dald station Kei, Yuri, and Mash are escorted off the ship whilst Jayd and Mughi hide. The latter observe the smuggling “evidence” being planted. The first three are tossed into a cell, with Jayd noticing the Universal Corporation’s president’s personal ship in the hangar.

Meanwhile the police chief and the Universal Corporation president are plotting over wine, and order the disposal of the prisoners. That goes about as well as you’d expect and sets off a chain of mayhem and hilarity within Dald station.

The station more or less survives intact, even with all the truckers showing up to throw cargo containers at it, but the conspirators don’t.

At the end Kei and Yuri let Jayd go because they think the statute of limitations has expired. It’s only after leaving that Mughi points out that it hasn’t, and the series ends with more bickering as they attempt to assign the blame.

Overall Space Truckers is an amusing enough episode, but it’s not anything great.

The battle bikini percentage finishes at 95%.

Here’s the ED again:

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[1] The names appear later but it’s easier to review if I drop them now.

[2] Such a modest name

[3] Complete with Y-K234-L license plate. I presume the L is for Lovely.

[4] Or not. Possibly the attitude stands out more because the Lovely Angels are well and truly two of the most dangerous people anywhere in that uniiverse