Well, that was a finale of sorts I guess. Argevollen is clearly shooting for a second season that I’m not sure it’s going to get.

Argevollen remained a fairly intelligent mecha series to the end, with a strong “war is hell” message that it never quite lost focus on. The corporate conspiracies were never really resolved, and the series more or less ends up at the status quo ante in terms of the military and political situation.

Much of what I said in my First Thoughts and Second Thoughts remains true, and but Argevollen did stumble at the finish exactly as I feared it would.

Despite some solid character work right to the end, despite the relationship between Susumu and Jamie developing into a truly solid partnership of equals, the finale felt flat. There was too much setting up for a sequel, and not enough finishing what was already on the table.

Now this might be forgivable if a second season manifests[1] and actually finishes the story. However I don’t think that Argevollen was successful enough as an anime original to get a sequel[2].

I hope I’m wrong. At this stage I’m willing to watch a second season of Argevollen if one appears, but if it remains unfinished then it is probably a series that I’m not likely to watch again.

[1] See also the execrable ending to Log Horizon season 1 which is only justified by the existence of Season 2.

[2] Log Horizon was already an exploding franchise by the time the first anime screened, the momentum for the second season was always there.