By having too much and too little plot When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace wasn’t quite slice of life and didn’t quite deliver an actual story.

The slice of life elements of Inou Battle[1] were usually amusing, and were occasionally supported by some excellent character work[2]. These are the episodes where having too little plot serves Inou Battle well.

However Inou Battle is adapted from a series of light novels[3] which I presume have a larger story arc, and the attempts to introduce that larger arc failed badly. These are the episodes where Inou Battle has too much plot for the slice of life that the rest of it is, but not enough to actually make sense as a story.

Inou Battle is a classic case of Sometimes More Is More. It either needed to tell more of the core story, enough to make sense, or ignore the core story entirely.

Overall I would watch Inou Battle for the harem slice of life elements with the surprisingly engaging chuunibyou male lead. The fun lies in the title: these kids get superpowers[4] and basically ignore them in favour of getting on with their ordinary lives. Within that framework Inou Battle is enough fun to be well worth watching at least once.

I’ll leave with the fairly fun opening[5] whilst noting that at ~1:09 boobs just don’t work that way[6]. Tennis balls on the other hand…

[1] I’m not typing out When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace or Inō-Batoru wa Nichijō-kei no Naka de every time. Inou Battle will do nicely as an abbreviation thanks.

[2] One character Hatoko delivers an amazing speech in one episode that made a number of anime bloggers go WOW. One example here, and another here.

[3] Survey (i.e. Wikipedia) says that there are currently 9 light novels, and that the series is ongoing.

[4] Of varying degrees of utility. The range is from “I fear you” all the way down to “I’m giggling at you”.

[5] I don’t know why the only versions of the OP I can find on YouTube are boxed like this. I suspect copywrite policing of some sort.

[6] Seriously: even GAINAX did better than that (just) in the 1989 opening to Gunbuster.