September 2014 Anime For Cancer Research



After the disappointment of July, and an unpleasant August being sick, it’s time to try and raise money for Cancer research again. Please boost the signal for this post if you can, and bid if you’re interested.

The September Discs

  1. .hack//G.U. Trilogy (DVD)
  2. Campione (DVD)
  3. The Familiar of Zero
  4. Princess Knight Part 1
  5. Rooster Teeth Collection – the Best of: Red vs Blue, Rooster Teeth Shorts, and Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

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The Reality of Idol Culture In Japan, Part 2



Here’s the latest example of why idol culture in Japan is so horrifying: idols being sued for having boyfriends. I really wish I was joking about this, but I’m not.

Link via aicnanime and vivian_games, who also had this to say:

An excerpt from Treffen’s Diary: Pathfinder Session Report 22. Guest Post by Peter Wilkie



A few words from the proprietor

I unfortunately missed this session. From what is reported below it got… interesting. This is a guest post by Peter Wilkie, and any footnotes from me will be marked as Snark From The Proprietor (SFTP). I’ve also inserted headings (primarily for my own amusement, such are the privileges of an editor).

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GLASSLIP (2014): Second Thoughts, or how low will it go?


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When I wrote my first thoughts I was still cautiously optimistic that GLASSLIP would recover from its directionless wander into an actual story.

I also recommended following Pedantic Perspective for a good set of episodic reviews[1].

One out of two aint bad I guess. Continue reading

Well played Hanayamata. Well played INDEED.


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So the latest episode* of Hanayamata features this little gem:

Hanayamata Club List

Tank Club!? Really? I’m suddenly wondering if there’s anything in this list that isn’t a shout-out to another anime. Continue reading

I’m really not joking about this.



I have over the last few days been watching the foul tide of abuse and harassment directed at Anita Sarkeesian (@femfreq) over the most recent Tropes Vs Women videos.

So here’s a brief twitter rant on the topic, and a reminder to check the Site Disclaimer before commenting. Continue reading


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