Well played Hanayamata. Well played INDEED.


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So the latest episode* of Hanayamata features this little gem:

Hanayamata Club List

Tank Club!? Really? I’m suddenly wondering if there’s anything in this list that isn’t a shout-out to another anime. Continue reading

I’m really not joking about this.



I have over the last few days been watching the foul tide of abuse and harassment directed at Anita Sarkeesian (@femfreq) over the most recent Tropes Vs Women videos.

So here’s a brief twitter rant on the topic, and a reminder to check the Site Disclaimer before commenting. Continue reading

Argevollen (2014): First Thoughts with Minor Spoilers


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My first reaction to Argevollen was that it was channelling Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. It has since risen above that with stellar character work but risks my suspension of disbelief with its schizo tech. Continue reading

Hanayamata (2014): First Thoughts


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The sheer exuberance, the joie de vivre, of Hanayamata is hard to resist. My suggestion is to not bother resisting, and just let yourself be carried away by Hana, Naku, Yaya, Tami and Machi. Continue reading


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