July 2014 Anime for Cancer Research



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It is the last two weeks of July and therefore time to help fight cancer by bidding for anime review copies provided by Hanabee.

The July 2014 Discs

  1. Card Fight!! Vanguard Part One – DVD
  2. Case Closed Season 2 – DVD
  3. Medaka Box Season One – Blu-Ray
  4. Little Busters Season One – Part Two – DVD
  5. Toradora: The Complete Series (Part 1 and Part 2) – DVD

See below the cut for the rules, the progress to date this year (nearly a $1,000 raised including my matching donations), and how to bid/donate. Continue reading

Your nightmare fuel for today


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Ryorin has started watching AKB0048, and appears to be mostly enjoying it. I’m certainly enjoying bantering with her about it (no surprise, bantering with Ryorin is some of the best fun I have on twitter).

Part of it included this exchange: Continue reading

Hilarious AND Accurate: Tansy Rayner Roberts Rewatches Robotech


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Tansy Rayner Roberts is a Tasmanian speculative fiction author currently rewatching Robotech with her daughters.

The latest post about episode 9 Miss Macross is pure gold, and ends with “Micronians go home, I am retracting your license to fight a space war.” I remember that episode, and, yeah, any episode focussing on Minmei is going to have problems

I’m thoroughly enjoying this series of posts and recommend that you take a look. For reference, the first post in her series is here, and her archive tag for the series is Robotech Rewatch.


From the New World Part Two (2013)



The second half of From the New World (aka Shin Sekai Yori) is as compelling as the first, and even more morally ambiguous.

The second half of the series is, in more or less equal parts, about revealing the truth to Saki Watanable and about subverting Saki into becoming part of a system she despises. Continue reading

Locodol (2014) seems to be a very mean show


I took a look at the first episode of Locodol yesterday, and got maybe half way through before stopping.

I may well be missing the point, but Locodol feels like a show where you’re meant to laugh at Nanako (the brunette on the left) for the troubles that she finds herself in. In essence Nanako is swindled into standing on a stage in a swimsuit with no real introduction to her partner, let alone preparation or rehearsal.

If you think this is a setup for public humiliation, then you’re not wrong. It felt mean and nasty, and is the point where I lost all interest. I’d need strong positive reports to go back.

Toradora: The Complete Series (2009)



Hanabee have just re-released Toradora as single slimpack, and the review copy will be featured in the cancer research auction this month.

The new version also features a dub (which I haven’t sampled since I tend not to).

I quite liked Toradora so if you’re at all interested in picking this up (and you should be), here are my thoughts on the first half of the series, and on the second half.

Remember, you get both halves in the slimpack, minus the nifty collectors box, but you also need less shelf space and get an English soundtrack!


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