April 2014 Anime for Cancer Research



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Slight change to the rules this month as I’ll need a receipt for the donation before I send any discs out. Other than that you know the drill and the running total for the year is $650.

The April 2014 Discs

The discs up for grabs this month are:

  1. Bodacious Space Pirates Part 2 – DVD
  2. Girls Und Panzer TV Series and OAV Collection – Both Blu-Ray
  3. Hakuoki: Record of the Jade Blood – DVD
  4. Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga Part 2 – Blu-Ray
  5. Tsuritama – Blu-Ray

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I’m Swancon 40′s International Guest of Honor

John Samuel:

This is excellent news, and I’m looking forward to next years SwanCon already.

I may even have to leave the gaming room and, you know, go to panels. ;)

Originally posted on Whatever:

Swancon being Western Australia’s premier science fiction convention, don’t you know. Yes, next year I will be in Perth , round about Easter-time. It’ll be fun! And if you’re in Australia, you should pop by. I mean, everything in Australia is close to everything else, right?

I made a video for Swancon to show when they announced my IGoHness. Here it is:

I stand by every word, especially the words about the Tim Tams.

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Thumbnail game review: Takenoko



I got introduced to Takenoko at Swancon yesterday. This is a fun, fairly fast game with conflicting objectives of a) laying out the emperor’s garden b) growing bamboo in said garden and c) feeding said bamboo to the panda that’s running around.

The production values are good, and it is an attractive game to look at whilst playing.

I’ve only played it once, but I’m probably going to pick this up when I get back to Canberra.

Nagi no Asukara (2013-2014): Final Thoughts With Major Spoilers


The second half of Nagi no Asukara is almost as enjoyable as it was hard to review.

Seriously. This is at least my third attempt, and even that required a marathon rewatch to settle things in my head.

Part of the difficulty is that the second half of Nagi no Asakura is multiple overlapping stories rather than a single narrative, and the switch gives it an unfocussed feel.

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Anime for Cancer Research registered with the ACRF


I have registered my fundraising efforts with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation – see the attached ACRF Letter. It’s a little unfortunate that the letter refers to comics rather than to discs, but I can live with that.

I’m pleased to report that the total amount raised for charity so far this year is now $550, so I’m hoping that I can raise at least $1,500 in 2014.

I will be changing the rules slightly from April to require a donation receipt before I send discs out, but I don’t think that will be a problem for most people.

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Girls Und Panzer OAV Collection (2012-2013)



Ah. So that’s where all the fanservice went.

For all that I adore Girls Und Panzer, for all that I buy a lot of anime, I’m not enough of a completist to want the OAVs in my collection.

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