Argevollen (2014): Final Thoughts



Well, that was a finale of sorts I guess. Argevollen is clearly shooting for a second season that I’m not sure it’s going to get.

Argevollen remained a fairly intelligent mecha series to the end, with a strong “war is hell” message that it never quite lost focus on. The corporate conspiracies were never really resolved, and the series more or less ends up at the status quo ante in terms of the military and political situation.

Much of what I said in my First Thoughts and Second Thoughts remains true, and but Argevollen did stumble at the finish exactly as I feared it would. Continue reading

Shirobako Episode 6 is back on CrunchyRoll


As of the last day or so Shirobako episode 6 Idepon Miyamori: On the Move is back on CrunchyRoll. I assume that this means that the rights issue that got it pulled has been resolved.

I haven’t seen any news items on this, but I did rewatch it today to see if anything had changed.

The references to Waiting for Godot seem to be intact, so it doesn’t look like those were the problem.

This leaves the references to Space Runaway Ideon (aka Densetsu Kyojin Ideon) as the culprit. Continue reading

Top 5 Anime Faux Product Placements

John Samuel:

In which the always entertaining Artemis surveys the best usages of Bland Name Products (yes, there’s a trope for that, there’s a trope for everything) in anime.

As for my favourites I think I’ve seen Ganon cameras and, uh, Cherry Laptops as well. ;)

Please click through to the original post and share your own favourites there.

Originally posted on OTAKU LOUNGE:

74. picture1
Over recent years, anime has steadily been utilising more and more product placement in their content. While live-action films and television shows are still far better known for doing so, a number of anime titles have been busy playing catch-up; Code Geass has its conspicuous tie-in with Pizza Hut, the Evangelion Rebuild movies heavily feature Yebisu Beer and Doritos, and Tiger & Bunny is of course renowned for weaving in big-name corporate sponsors such as Softbank, Bandai, and Pepsi into the central concept of its story.

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Karen Senki (2014) seems to have been fairly pointless


Is that it? Is that all there’s going to be of Karen Senki? What was the point of that?

For those who came in late, Karen Senki was a short series (11 episodes) of 11 minutes each about a human resistance group called 11 fighting off a robot apocalypse.

You may have noticed a theme there. The theme of 11 is about the only coherent thing about Karen Senki. Continue reading

BustGunner, er, GunBuster! (1988-89) Revisited



Sometimes you shouldn’t go back. Sometimes the anime you remember is not the anime you will see today[1].

It’s been 5 years since I’ve seen GunBuster!, and this anime that was so critical to the success of GAINAX has not aged gracefully. Continue reading

Target/KMart removing GTAV is just a business decision. No more, no less.



Target and KMart have recently removed Grand Theft Auto V (GTAV) from their shelves in response to a petition against violent video games. This decision is being cast in some circles as censorship, in others notably this post on as a moral decision[1].

It is neither.

This is just another business decision like any other. Continue reading

Which Copyright Mine Did Shirobako (2014) Step On?



Episode 6 Idepon Miyamori: On The Move of Shirobako has gone missing in action, and is no longer available on CrunchyRoll. This post will, of necessity, contain spoilers.

As reported here and also here there are two possible copyright mines that the episode stepped on:

Continue reading

Your Lie In April (2014): First Thoughts OR Why Does #KimiUso Confuse Me So Much?


It would be easier if Your Lie in April (aka Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso or KimiUso) was filled with fanservice.

I could dismiss it and move on to the rest of a full anime season.

Unfortunately it isn’t that easy since there’s no fanservice to speak of.

NB: There will be potentially triggering material later, so enjoy the fabulous opening before we get to the hard parts. Continue reading

Akatsuki no Yona (2014): First Thoughts with some Spoilers


From a shaky start Akatsuki no Yona[1] has rapidly improved into one of the star performers of the current season. There will be spoilers ahead, particularly for episode 1. Continue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


I watched Guardians of the Galaxy on the flight back from Canberra on Monday night, and enjoyed it a lot.

Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy is a formulaic ragtag band of misfits redemption story complete with Misfit Mobilisation Moment.

Yes, I was watching an edited airline version[1] with headphones.

It doesn’t matter: it’s still a hugely fun film to watch. Continue reading


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