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Hanayamata was good to the end, and I really want this to get picked up for a second season[1].

As I mentioned earlier Hanayamata is fairly formulaic, and the neat resolutions of some of the later episodes were admittedly somewhat contrived[2].

None of which matters to me in the least.

I adore this show.

Hanayamata told an exuberant story right to the end, and one that I ended up genuinely caring about. Naru’s growth, and the acknowledgement of that growth, was fabulous.

Not to mention fun to watch (and possibly to make as well). The list of school clubs in episode 9 wasn’t the only shout out that the animators got away with – there’s one of Rin-chan’s Minilops on Hana’s bed in episode 10.

Many anime have stumbled at the final moment[3].

Hanayamata nailed the dismount. It wasn’t a perfect score, but most of the girls personal arcs[4] were completely, and satisfyingly resolved.

The final episode, also called Hanayamata, is beautifully scripted and pulled a surprisingly strong emotional response from me.

Hanayamata is definitely going to be one of my favourites, as well as a possible addition to the comfort anime list. I’m going to be hoping for a second season as well.

Thoroughly recommended, and Hanayamata is one I’ll be watching again. For something slightly different, here’s a PV of the lead cast performing the OP:

[1] There is no sign of this happening as yet. Unfortunately.

[2] Sally-sensei and her reconciliation with Machi, and registering for the festival are the two big ones in this space.

[3] Off the top of my head: Scrapped Princess, Last Exile, and Silent Mobius. There are many others

[4] The exception being Tami, whose father needed a bit more screen time and some dialogue to wrap that up properly.