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I’ve now finished racing through Dennou Coil, and will probably do a more formal review when I watch it again in a year or so.

And I will be watching it again, that much is certain.

I stand by my earlier comparison to a much darker and edgier Card Captor Sakura: both shows are about relationships at their core.

However, where Card Captor Sakura is unashamedly optimistic about the relationships born of love and friendship, Dennou Coil is fundamentally about the relationships born of shared grief, rage, and fear.

It also has a far more realistic take on kids; there are elements of bullying and backbiting that appear in later episodes that echo far too much of my own  childhood.  There is a reality there in some episodes that I flinched at.

But even relationships born of grief can bring friendship, and a measure of maturity. 

To that extent Dennou Coil ends well.  I won’t say that it is a happy ending because there is still pain to be faced but also characters no longer willing to run away from it, characters who live up to their names the way they didn’t quite at the start.  To say more would be a spoiler, and I’m trying to avoid that in this review.

As far as pacing goes, episode 18 (of 26) ends on a truly classic “oh crap” moment.  The sort that makes you desperately want to find out what happens next right now damn it!  The pacing was reasonable up to that point but kicks into overdrive after that, and this at least partially explains why I raced through it at the end.

It also turns out that the second part of the Siren Visual DVD release has a substantial pack of extras – interviews and the like – that I haven’t really looked at yet.

Highly recommended, pick it up if you can.