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Dennou Coil is a Seiun Award winning series that I’m currently watching.  After eight episodes I’m roughly a third of the way through and liking it a lot.  Despite having a completely different setting [1], it feels like a darker, edgier, Card Captor Sakura.

The main characters are kids being kids, and the episodes where this is captured well really sing.  The baby sister of one of the leads is priceless to watch.

The clumsy, sort of romance between two characters with absolutely no idea of what is going on is a trope that I often find annoying in older characters, but one that I am enjoying with this bunch. Episode 8 was just sweet in an awkward way but didn’t over do it.

The growing network of relationships between the transfer students and the natives to the school is at the heart of this series so far, and this is where the Card Captor Sakura feel comes in.

However, in between the fun, the kids are facing some fairly serious threats [2] and this has added a much darker overtone to the series.


[1] Dennou Coil is fairly rigorous science fiction thus far, verging on cyberpunk which is not usually one of my favourite genres.

[2] It has been strongly implied that a death prior to the commencement of the story was a result of someone looking too closely into what the kids are looking into now…