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Despite the somewhat, ah, embarrassing cover[1], volume 3 of Our Teachers Are Dating! is exactly what I’d hoped it would be: an adorably fluffy book about an adorably fluffy yuri couple surrounded by Shippers On Deck.

In this volume Hayatera are relaxing into being more public about their relationship, how they met, and they also move in together[2].

But possibly the most interesting part of this volume isn’t in the story, but in Pikachi Ohi’s afterword[3] titled The making of Haya-Tera 3 ~Regarding all the fluff~[4]. In short, Ohi-san has had some rough times in their life. So Our Teachers Are Dating! is born of wanting to believe, that despite real life being hard, that “it’s OK for fiction to show a happy world at least, right?”



Anyone who’s followed me for any length of time knows my fondness for Comfort Shows, the shows I use to get away from the world, to just relax, and be happy watching.

So, there’s no way on this Earth that I’m going to criticise someone for making something so sweet, so relaxing, so happy. Far from it, I’m going to devoutly hope that making Our Teachers Are Dating! does help make Ohi-san happy.

They deserve it.

Still a recommended series.

[1] See image. The adult content in the series isn’t much more explicit than this, and is generally handled really sweetly and sensitively.

[2] To which my, and I suspect most readers, reaction was: what took you so long?

[3] Which, unsurprisingly, is also drawn as a manga.

[4] See! Fluff is a technical term I tell you! Even the mangakas use it!