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Sadly I have made the decision to not travel to Perth for SwanCon this year. Whilst COVID-19 is mostly under control in Australia, Western Australia tends to be a little more hair triggered on the self quarantine requirements.

Which I’m not objecting to, that’s a reasonable call for Western Australia to make – given that they have the pain of relative isolation, they may as well leverage it for safety now.

But the risk that I might end up in 14 days quarantine on arrival and thereby miss the convention anyway is just too high this year. I’ll wait for the vaccine to be widely deployed before conducting any major interstate travel I think.

So, for those of you who will be attending SwanCon this year, I wish you the best. May you have a safe, healthy, and happy SwanCon, and hopefully I’ll see you next year for what will finally be my 35th SwanCon.

Question of the Post: How many SwanCons have you been to? Would you like to go to more?