I’m going to try to reduce how much I put on twitter this year, so there will (hopefully) be a lot more in the way of random posts here. First up, a victory in the current Fate/Grand Order event Revival: Abyssal Cyber Paradise SE.RA.PH – Second Ballet that I really wasn’t expecting to pull off.

The Event

As suggested by the Revival and Second Ballet parts of the event name, this is a re-run of the immensely fun SE.RA.PH event. I normally skip the cut scenes for re-runs, but remembered really enjoying myself last time so I’ve been reading them again this time. Incidentally, I was right. 🙂

However re-runs tend to be adjusted from the original and/or have bits added. In this case it was a set of 10 ultra high difficulty quests leading up to a final reward of a Holy Grail. These were tough to get through, on at least one of the early quests I spent all three command spells to revive the party in order to get through. 

This brings us to the final quest of the series, which I had already lost three times before trying it again today. I was, honestly, expecting to lose it again. 

The Tactics

So, how did I do it this time?

Line up was (in order): Merlin (mine, Caster), Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker), Merlin (support, Caster), Mash Kyrielight (Shielder, Best Girl), David (Archer), Jeanne d’Arc (Ruler) with the Chaldeas Combat Uniform as the Mystic Code.

Turn 1: Stack allllll the buffs on Jalter. Both attack & buster up buffs from both Merlins, her own buffs, the team attack buff from the Combat Uniform. Then swap Jalter to the backline replacing her with Jeanne. 

Then attempt to survive for 20 odd turns. The gimmick for King Protea in this fight is that she hands out stupid amounts of damage, limits your healing, oh and grows another 500,000 HP every turn. Except all of those extra HP disappear at the end of turn 21.

Using two Merlins and Jeanne was intended to provide enough stalling/healing through stuns and Invincibility to survive long enough to swap Jalter back in, buff her further, and nuke King Protea on turn 22. The key is that buffs on backline servants don’t expire (since they’re not taking turns) but frontline servants can have their skills come off cooldown to stack further buffs on when the backline servant returns.

The Results

It almost worked as planned. King Protea did manage to take out the support Merlin bringing Mash onto the field. But Mash then provided enough defensive support to keep my Merlin in the game. i.e. I inadvertently created the Turtle Team listed under the Game Strategies section of the Game Breaker trope

Was it enough?

Turn 22: Swap Jeanne out, swap Jalter back in, stack Merlin’s buffs again, use the Mystic Code attack buff again, have Mash cast Lord Camelot to provide Jalter with yet another attack buff, and hope that Jalter’s level 100 Aerial Delight Craft Essence (with more attack, Noble Phantasm, and Buster buffs) were enough.

Then unleash Jalter’s Völkermord Feuerdrache (see above).

Yes, yes, it was. Just.

The screenshot above isn’t the best, but you can see the “Battle Finish” overlay starting to appear to signal victory. And then when I exited from the quest (after the cut scene, which again was worth reading):

The sweet, sweet, reward for victory.

The key things I’ll note here are that

  1. 2,194,264 points of damage is an astonishing amount of damage, and 
  2. It was still just shy of a 10% buffer on the amount of damage I needed.
  3. I think I had at least 15 buffs worth more than 10%, some of which stacked multiplicatively. 

I think if I had failed to put even one of those buffs on, I would have fallen short only to watch King Protea start stacking on the HP again. 

So the plan, very much inspired by the GameGuide Press Boss Guide, worked but it was a near run thing. 

Question of the Post: If you play Fate/Grand Order, have you been enjoying the SE.RA.PH rerun? If so, how did you handle King Protea?