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Our Teachers are Dating Volume 2

Volume 2 of Our Teachers are Dating is pretty much more of what we got in Volume 1.

I was perhaps a touch worried that this series would go off track by introducing romantic rivals for either Saki Terano (the biology teacher in the white jacket) or Asuka Hayama (the Health and PE teacher in the tracksuit) but thankfully that didn’t happen. Pretty much the entire supporting cast remain shippers on deck, and it’s sometime hilarious how oblivious Hayatera (or Terahaya depending on who is talking about them) can be to this.

There is still some adult content, but it is also still handled sensitively and very romantically. The way the entire relationship is built on enthusiastic consent is also lovely to see, as is the reactions of at least one of the partners when she fears that she may (spoiler: she didn’t, it was a misunderstanding) have gone too far in one scene. They did have to talk about it afterwards and work out, together, what went wrong and how not to repeat the problem.

You know, like reasonable adults in love would.

This series is sweet enough to rot your teeth and require insulin shots with every volume. Recommended.