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Sometime back I ranted about a recent upgrade to Asmodee Games’ Ticket to Ride app, specifically a non-modal “It’s Your Turn” banner that introduced a risk of significant errors because of the way it was implemented.

It turns out that I wasn’t the only player unhappy with it and, to their credit, Asmodee Games responded fairly promptly with the following commitment to remove the banner:

Thank you for your feedbacks about the feature introduced in the last update: the banner. We wanted this banner for the new players, but we understood that other players were unhappy with it, and even unhappy with the solution we thought we found, in the ongoing Beta.
We finally decided to remove the banner!
A great part of the community asked for it, and we listened. All we want is to keep the community happy so they can enjoy their favourite game! 🙂
Please keep your app up to date, as the new version removing the banner will be released very soon.
Thank you again for your feedback and support,
Asmodee Digital Support

(Quoted with permission from the player who received this advice).

I am pleased to report that it was indeed removed about a week later, it just took me a while to get round to posting this followup.

So thank you Asmodee for listening to your users and fixing a mistake fairly promptly.

This is far more than can be said for Netflix. Yes, I’m still bitter about the treatment of anime on Netflix.