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Ah, another anime season, another overpowered[1] Isekai harem[2] hero.

At least The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? has a genuine sense of humour and some none-too-subtle commentary on what primogeniture does to the younger sons of a noble but poor family.

A former salaryman in Tokyo gets reincarnated into the body of Wendelin as a child during his second eldest brother’s wedding. Initially he thinks he’s landed in wealth because of the fabulous clothes, and the superb feast. Being the 2nd or 3rd son doesn’t really bother him at this point.

Then the next day comes and he discovers it was all a show to maintain the family’s status at the wedding. They’re back on hard bread, and thin broth for meals.

Then the other brothers turn up, and increasingly head off for independent lives, as Wendelin is progressively demoted to the 8th son. He’s increasingly unimpressed at his probable fate, given how poor the family is and the fact that his eldest brother will inherit all of it[3].

Then it turns out he has magical ability that’s right off the charts[4], to the point where the former court magician Alfred Rainford not only senses it from some distance away but immediately shows up to give him a crash course. A very short crash course because of [SPOILER REDACTED].

The first couple of episodes of The 8th Son have been a fair amount of fun to watch, and I’ll be sticking with this one for a while yet. Given the fairly definitive harem aspects that were touched on in the first episode[5] before going into flashback mode, there’s a significant risk of heavy fanservice later.

If that eventuates I may drop this fairly quickly, if not I suspect I’ll enjoy the ride as The 8th Son is a fun show to watch so far.

[1] 8th Son has an amusing enough set up, but I do think that the rather less over powered set up of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! is more interesting because Katerina is facing higher stakes and has to work harder for her wins.

[2] Because of course he is. At least it looks like it’ll be a full powered Battle Harem.

[3] Such as it is, and such as there is of it.

[4] How very… not surprising.

[5] Essentially there’s an action prologue of Wendelin as an adult noble in his own right and with a full harem set up. Then it flashes back to when he reincarnated… and stays there.