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Much as I expected when I was writing my Battening Down the Hatches post, Continuum 16 has now fallen by the wayside*. In these generally trying times for Australian SF conventions I do want to pay tribute to the foundations that support two of my favourite conventions**.

SwanCon is supported on an ongoing basis by the Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation, and Continuum by the Continuum Foundation. These foundations provide continuity of funding and management to the conventions even as the committees change each year.

I don’t think WASFF or the CF were ever intended to deal with something as drastic as COVID-19, but it’s an enormous relief to me as an Australian SF fan that they are there to provide a cushion to two of my favourite conventions.

There are an endless number of people who should be thanked for the hard work that went into setting up these foundations, and who continue to put in the effort to run them.

For WASFF I’d like to acknowledge the current and past chairs: Greg, Luigi, Rohan, Doug, and Jack.

For the Continuum Foundation, I’d like to acknowledge the efforts of (in no particular order) Danny Oz, Sharon Mosely, Kirstyn McDermott, Mitch, Rachel, Ian Mond, and E. H. Mann.

So thank you all for your efforts, past and present. They have not gone unnoticed, or unappreciated.

Question of the Post: Who did I miss? Do you know someone else in either foundation that I should acknowledge here? Sound off in the comments and I’ll edit appropriately. 

* As announced here:

**This post was inspired by this twitter thread I wrote some time ago but I wanted it in more permanent (and easily findable) form: