22/7 Key Visual (AnimeLab)

22/7 Key Visual (AnimeLab)

The idea of a reluctant idol is unusual, almost a subversion of the common tropes, so I decided to give 22/7 a try.

Overall I’m glad I did as I think there may be some substance to 22/7.

Miu Takigawa is a shy musician who is caring for her younger sister and obviously ill mother. Miu receives a letter inviting her to an audition for an idol group and, despite how busy she is, goes along with it.

The introduction scenes for the other characters are fairly typical; the usual mix of tropes rather than actual characters yet. Similarly the introduction to the ridiculous secret base for this idol group and the mysterious “wall” that will command everything (shades of AKB0048 there) is also of relatively little interest.

No, what kept me focused on this episode was Miu. Misanthropic in the outside world, deeply caring with her family, I found her to be highly sympathetic as a character.

To then be fired from her retail job, that she desperately needs to feed her family, and then be forced out of desperation to go back to the idol group sets up a story with some interesting character potential.

The biggest downside I see is that this is part of a multimedia franchise so there is a risk that we may end up with an incomplete story, one that can’t be fully appreciated unless you have access to the other media. This is the Sometimes More is More problem that I’ve ranted about previously.

Overall 22/7 is a marginal keeper for me, but one that may improve.

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