Bofuri Key Visual (AnimeLab)

Bofuri Key Visual (AnimeLab)

Whatever else can be said for Bofuri, it is Exactly What It Says On The Tin.

Kaede joins the online VRMMO New World Online (gee, I wonder what that could be a reference to) with the character name of Maple. However as she’s never played any game like that before, and doesn’t want to get hurt, she builds a tank character.

Correction: she builds the tank character: 100% of starting points into defence, and 100% of everything after that into defence as well.

Bofuri is pretty lighthearted stuff, mostly harmless, and I had fun watching it. Which, given what I just finished watching, was just what the doctor ordered.

The only caveat is that there’s a lot of points with rapid fire subtitles for things like chat sessions which are awkward to manage on the iPad; I may have to rewatch it on the main rig once I’m back in Canberra to catch all of those.

All in all I don’t expect Bofuri to ever be a great show, but I do expect it to be a fun show. Sometimes that’s all I’m looking for.