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Eizouken Key Visual

Eizouken Key Visual

Well, that was a visual trip.

Whatever else can be said for Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! it definitely has a distinctive visual style.

Eizouken begins with Midori Asakusa moving to a new town as a young girl and being inspired by Future Boy Conan to become an animator. Fast forward to high school she and her highly mercenary* friend Sayaka Kanamori investigate the anime club before running into the famous young model Tsubame Mizusaki who is on the run from her rich family’s bodyguards.

Confused yet? Good.

Because the architecture of the school in which Eizouken is set makes that set up look positively sane.

Courtesy of an accident with some strawberry milk, our intrepid trio find themselves hiding out in a laundromat whilst part of Tsubame’s uniform is being washed. It turns out that Tsubame also wants to make anime, which her family vehemently oppose. Then they compare artbooks and where Tsubame’s is mostly character art, Midori’s is mostly concept/background/mecha art.

Most of the latter being inspired by the insane architecture of the school. I swear that the architecture of Ohtori in Adolescence of Utena made more sense.

But when their two art topics combine: you have the foundation for an anime that they could make together.

That segues into an odd sequence of imagined anime with yet more of the distinctive visual style that seems to define Eizouken. The issue will be whether I’m able to stand to style for a full cour. If I can it will be because I’ll watching Eizouken weekly rather than binging.

The character dynamics thus far are fascinating, the character designs are as odd as the rest of Eizouken‘s visual palette, and overall I’m going to continue to watch this one. Here’s the OP:

*Albeit with more of a heart of gold I think than Sayaka is willing to admit to herself that she has.