Asteroid in Love Key Visual

Asteroid in Love Key Visual

The premiere episode of Asteroid in Love starts with a boy and a girl making a childhood promise to find and name an asteroid, and ends as an amusing cute girls doing cute things show*.

The only problem is that Asteroid in Love is set in Tokyo.

Normally this wouldn’t bother me too much but as you may recall I’m a huge fan of Rocket Girls. One of the strongest “can’t go home again” scenes in the 2007 anime is just after Yukari’s first flight when she’s comparing the stars she saw in orbit to the pitiful display visible from Tokyo.

Thirteen years later Asteroid in Love is basically pretending that the light pollution just isn’t there. I found the characters and set up to be generally quite charming, but I have to say my suspension of disbelief is going to struggle with that.

Cute girls being passionately into Astronomy and/or** Geology***? Cool, cool. Just another day in anime (and hopefully reality 😄).

No noticeable light pollution in Tokyo? NOW HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE THERE!

I’m going to keep watching for a while and see how Asteroid in Love develops. But I will be amused if it’s the lack of light pollution that eventually ends up breaking my willing suspension of disbelief.

*It turns out that Ao was simply mistaken for a boy by Mira, the other main character. And now that Ao’s grown her hair out…

**Because of [SPOILER REDACTED] the Astronomy club has been forcibly merged with the Geology club to form the Earth Sciences club. This was something of a shock to Mira (front right in the key visual) who specifically applied to this high school because of the Astronomy club

***And possibly into each other. It’s too early to tell but there’s a possible Shipper on Deck for Mira and Ao (front left in the key visual).