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Force Awakens Poster

So, after a few days mulling it over, here’s a thumbnail summary of the new Star Wars trilogy:

1. The Force Awakens: Remind people what Star Wars feels like, get them back into the cinemas. Pure nostalgia with modern effects. I think this is the most fun of the new trilogy.

2. The Last Jedi: Take the franchise to new and interesting places. Introduce character arcs like Poe Dameron growing from reckless hotshot to responsible officer. Despite some problems I think this is the best of the new trilogy.

3. The Rise of Skywalker: Ignore most of what The Last Jedi did in favour of wrapping up the stories of the legacy characters. Enjoyable more as a sequel to The Force Awakens.

Overall I still liked The Rise of Skywalker, but I do wish it had respected more of the foundations laid in The Last Jedi. I liked the originality of The Last Jedi even if I felt it could have been tightened up with some editing.