This is an entirely spoiler free thumbnail review of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (aka TROS). Overall I liked it, but didn’t think it was the best in the series by a long way.

TROS does neatly wrap up the series, including long dangling plot elements from all over the place, but does so at a price. Dealing with the loose ends from the legacy films robbed TROS of the screen time necessary to properly deal with its own story. So in some senses it felt rushed.

There were also some, um, dramatic choices at the end which I think were questionable and which have been inducing a fair amount of angst on social media. I’m prepared to accept what TROS did in that respect. However, by the same token, anyone who feels betrayed or hurt by those choices is entirely justified in feeling that way.

I think this is probably the area where not having the time to deal with its own story hurt TROS the most. That aside, it is an enjoyable piece of cinema, and it does wrap up the whole Star Wars saga and tie a neat ribbon on it.

NB: Noting that I almost never get comments, I’m still going to moderate spoilers in the comments here for at least a week. Otherwise the comments / “Fire A Broadside” link is right there, so what are you waiting for?