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Here’s a thumbnail review of Frozen 2 to go with the one I just did for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Frozen 2 has a stronger story than Frozen but doesn’t have the music to carry that story, and winds up being a weaker film overall.

I liked the story in Frozen 2: it was a logical extension of the original, and went to some interesting, and occasionally morally ambiguous, places. As such the characters had to work out for themselves exactly what was the next right thing for them to do.

I really appreciated this aspect, and if it was a touch anvilicious, well let’s not forget that the bulk of the target audience is still very young. (And Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped anyway).

Where Frozen 2 falls down is in the music. It’s still good, but it’s not brilliant. There certainly isn’t an “I WANT” song in Frozen 2 that comes anywhere close to competing with Let it Go.

For me that’s the problem with Frozen 2: despite having a stronger story it’s still a Disney musical and needs to be carried by the music. And it just wasn’t there.

I still recommend seeing Frozen 2 in the cinemas if you can as I did enjoy it.