Returning to Tokyo on a Saturday will give me a chance to see something I missed last time

Day 14 Planned:

The intended itinerary for today is to:

  • Bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo
  • The Shinjuku Gyoen Park
  • A farewell dinner with the tour group

The Shinjuku Gyoen is of course a central part of The Garden of Words.

Day 14 Actual:

We left the hotel early for a visit to the Golden Pavilion or Kinkujuji which was spectacular. The route in both directions was a subway trip and a bus ride (although reversed in order for the return trip). Returning to the hotel we attempted to flag down taxis for the trip to Kyoto but that was a lost cause as basically every taxi we saw was full.

A brisk walk ensued and we all made it to Kyoto Station in time to buy lunch and catch the Shinkansen to Tokyo.

Memo to self: the next time I use a Japanese ATM type in 29,000 Yen, not 30,000. I foresee apologies in my future as I ask places to deal with those inconveniently large bills.

Along the way the ShinkansenNagoya, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Mishima, Shin-Yokohama, and Shinagawa (where we transferred to local trains to Shinjuku).

Between Shizuoka and Mishima I discovered that yet another anime cliche was true: everyone does crowd to the windows when Fuji-San comes into view. I was cheerfully guilty of this myself, especially as this was something I missed out on last time.

A local transfer to Shinjuku and then the group more or less parted ways. Or at least parted ways with me as I had a prior commitment for dinner with Frog-Kun.

The dinner and subsequent hour or so spent in lively conversation with Frog-Kun were excellent. Finally it was back to the hotel to separate my luggage for the next few days of the tour.


And here are the photos for today.