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A last morning in Takayama before heading to Kanazawa.

Day 8 Planned:

  • A last look at Takayama
  • Travel to Kanazawa
  • Planned lunch with Artemis of Otaku Lounge
  • Visit to the Kenrouken gardens

I haven’t confirmed this (I only found one blog post claiming it), but apparently Angel Beats! was set in Kanazawa, or used scenery from it. Hanasaku Iroha was set nearby, but not actually in Kanazawa as far as I can tell.

Day 8 Actual:

In the morning I wandered a bit more along the river, including the morning markets before we set out on the bus to Kanazawa. The weather started cloudy, but cleared quickly.

I think I managed some decent photos from the bus, at least when we weren’t in very long tunnels, and otherwise passed the time writing up the previous day and/or playing games.

We arrived on time into Kanazawa and the hotel was able to check us all in early, which was useful. So, as planned, I met up with Artemis for a delightful lunch in good company.

Alas, the weather turned cloudy again whilst we were having lunch and didn’t clear for the remainder of the afternoon.

Artemis then guided me to the Kenrouken Gardens and took her leave as a) she had seen them yesterday and b) transport back to her home base is perhaps a bit dicey of a Sunday.

The gardens are fabulous, and make up the bulk of the photos today. I easily spent 2 – 2 1/2 hours walking around the gardens, and they’re just beautiful.

Alas, what you won’t see in the photos is the Sei Son Kaku villa. This villa was build late in the period of the Tokugawa Shogunate as a retirement home for the matriarch of the Kaga clan. It’s beautifully preserved, but there’s a strict no photos rule inside. I appreciate that this is necessary for conservation reasons but it is a pity that photos of this hidden treasure of Kanazawa aren’t more widely available as a result.

I walked back to the hotel, met up with the group, and then had dinner on the top floor of a complex with a range of options. The Hamburg steak place I chose was a bit of a disappointment but the pancakes for dessert elsewhere made up for that.

Finally back to the hotel with a few shots of how Kanazawa Station has chosen to redefine the concept of a water clock.


And here are the photos for today.