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I haven’t been particularly active on the blog recently, mostly due to a midwinter slump that left me mentally drained. Things are looking up and there’ll be more happening here over the coming months.


I’m going to the movies!

Given my love of Space Movies I doubt anyone will be surprised that I’m splurging on a Dendy Premium ticket to First Man on Sunday October 14th.

The Japanese Film Festival is happening, and my first foray into it will be DESTINY: The Tale of Kamakura. I adored Kamakura when I visited on the Grand Tour, and a live-action alternate universe fantasy set there? SOLD. That’s on Thursday October 17th, and tickets look to be selling fast for that one. Get in quick if you want to see this one.

It will be amusing to see how wildly wrong my guesses about Chihayafuru Musubi were. That’s on Saturday October 20th at 12:00PM.

Shades of Pleasantvile, shades of Millennium Actress, Color Me True sounds like huge fun and I’ll be seeing that 6PM on Saturday 20 October. That’ll be a busy day.

I’m still tossing up whether to see The 8-Year Engagement on Friday 19th October and/or Yakiniku Dragon on Sunday 21st October.

Fate/Grand Order

I have two main distractions to keep me from focusing too much on depressing news of the world at the moment. One is comfort anime (see below) and the other is the Fate/Grand Order mobile game. Whilst often relying on a grinding mechanic to advance, I’m actually finding the grinding to be soothing/distracting so that’s been helpful.

Comfort Anime

Source: Crunchyroll

In the meantime I’ve also been dealing with the slump by rewatching a lot of Comfort AnimeGingitsune, Kamisama Kiss, New Game¸ Flying Witch, Non Non Biyori, Restaurant to Another World, Today’s Menu For Emiya Family have all gotten runs recently. And to no one’s surprise, ARIA is currently getting a binge watch.

I am watching some new stuff, and hopefully will pick up more when the Fall 2018 season kicks off in the next week or so.

Speaking of Fall 2018 however…

The Autumn Colours and Other Travel

I am of course going back to Japan in November to see the Autumn colours, so that will pretty thoroughly interrupt anything I’m watching at the time. See also: this note from the Grand Tour.

I’m really looking forward to this trip, and I’m currently working out when I want to go back to Japan for the Cherry Blossoms. 2019 might be a little soon, and 2020 has me eyeing off New Zealand for WorldCon. I need to think about this some more.

So, that’s it from me for the moment. How are things with my readers, and is there any of the above that you’re particularly looking forward to hearing about?