Source: Crunchyroll

Well, that finished I guess. Toji no Miko (aka Katana Maidens) basically survived on the watch list by being streaming on Saturday’s when I was recovering from a personal training session[1].

Despite my snark during my midseason update, the second arc of Toji no Miko did work better than the first. I think that this was due to greater familiarity with the characters, plus some actual depth of characterisation, that allowed the charm of the show to carry a bit more weight.

But not that much more weight.

Most of the grand scale resolution is in the penultimate episode. The finale is mostly a personal resolution for the two leads plus a generic “where are they now” sequence. The ending does strongly imply a neat Bookending to the series with a call back to the first episode.

Lightweight stuff overall, I don’t regret watching it, but won’t be in a hurry to ever rewatch it.

I didn’t like the 2nd OP quite as much as the first, but it is a fun song:

[1] Speaking of which I deadlifted 60kg yesterday for five reps, and was managing 35kg on the hang squat cleans which I’m quite pleased by.