I’m currently in Melbourne for Continuum 14 but took the opportunity to catch Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms this afternoon before the convention got underway.

As a writer and series composer Mari Okada is already a big name in anime, and she just made her claim to be a director to be reckoned with.

The premise of a long lived girl adopting a baby who will die of old age before she changes has a lot of potential, but could easily have been trite or cliched. Ms Okada avoids both traps and builds slowly to the emotional resolution that is well worth the wait.

I wasn’t crying, it was just very dusty in there.

The story is well supported by the consistently excellent PA Works visuals, although there is a bit of a discordance between the sharp backgrounds and the occasionally muddy character designs.

Highly recommended, currently in limited release in Australian cinemas, see it if you can.

NB: iPad post and I’m tired, so I might clean this up with images etc once I get home to Canberra.