Some time ago the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra* announced these concerts for the end of April. Note that Joe Hisaishi will be conducting his own compositions.

At the time I had a horribly frustrating experience which resulted in… getting on a wait list in case further concerts were announced.

EDIT: Updated to include image, link, and an overview of how the waitlist is being processed. If you’re still on the waitlist, please click through. 

Thankfully, the additional concerts were announced and I was successful in getting a ticket to the Saturday 28 April 2018 concert, and doing so was fairly painless (my credit card might disagree but the MSO customer service experience was much improved today).

EDIT: For those still on the waitlist, the procedure seems to be:

  1. You will receive an email from MSO saying that you’re on the waitlist, and that they’ll be processing the list 400 people at a time.
  2. A day before your turn you’ll receive another email outlining the rest of the procedure
  3. The next morning at about 9:30 you’ll receive an email with a promotional code to apply on the booking page
  4. Log in, wait for the queue to time down (I was logged in beforehand and it went pretty quickly), apply code & book. Limit of 2 tickets.

Given that Hamer Hall seats about 2,500, and there’s two new concerts, it could take most of a week to get through the waitlist in blocks of 400 people. However, once you do get a turn, the experience will be better than the frustrations of the first ticket release.

So, I’ll see people in Melbourne for the concert and the day after as well.

* I’ll add links later when I’m not on the phone.