Toji no Miko (aka Katana Maidens) is a show that was amusingly charming when it didn’t take itself too seriously but has been losing that in more recent episodes.

In essence, the main characters are linked to magical katanas that enable them to fight demons called aradama. The okatana also conveniently allows the Katana Maidens to fight each other without dismembering or killing their opponents.

Alas, the system for fighting the demons has been corrupted from within and Toji no Miko then attempts to tell a grand conspiracy/rebellion story (in twelve episodes) with cute girls wielding magical katanas. For much of the early episodes what you end up with is:

Once Toji no Miko started trying to take itself seriously, it lost much of that charm. The first arc wrapped up last week and was, well, OK I guess. This week we received… a recap episode. Joy. At this stage I’m not sure if I’ll keep watching once the Spring season kicks off, it depends on how much else I end up watching. The OP is quite a lot of fun:

Question of the post: Am I the only blogger still watching this? If not, what are your thoughts on Toji no Miko?